History Of The 12th Man!

I would like to examine the anatomy of the 12th Man in this post.

of the 12th Man originated from Texas A & M and their student bodies obligation to the 11 players on the field and E. King Gill. Texas A & M trademarked their famed 12th Man slogan, but NFL teams carried this iconic label to their fan bases. Texas A & M requested NFL teams to stand down on the use of the 12th Man label. And all the teams that used the label did, except one………the Seahawks. After the Seahawks denied the request from Texas A & M, the university filed a lawsuit against the Seahawks. The lawsuit was quickly settled out of court and we now have the Seahawks 12th Man.

What I’d like to look at, is the transformation of the Seahawks 12th Man. Us Seattlites have been stereotyped as computer nerds, treehuggers, coffee addicts and so on. So what happens to us when a Seahawks game is played here in Seattle? In my previous post, I gave a brief history on the crowd noise generated from the 12th Man at the Kingdome and now Qwest Field. So lets take a quick look at this metamorphosis.

Here are a couple images of a stereotypical Seattlite.

Now when you introduce a stereotypical Seattlite to anything Seahawks related, a change occurs. This phenomenon has been witnessed by many other NFL teams and visiting fans. Some NFL players have even made accusations that this is all staged and is an artificial show. But we will take a look at a short video documented transformation of this event.

We have documented what most will call a bandwagoner. He is only loyal to teams with recent success and may follow a team with a history of championships just to fit in. As you can see, the bandwagoner does not fully metamorphasize into a 12th Man. It’s actually pretty sad to see this type of situation.

In the end, what I have found. Is that the Seahawks 12th Man comes from all walks of life, race, gender, and geological location. The Seahawks 12th Man is howling from all around the world and theres nothing that can stop it. Despite no Super Bowl victories, the Seahawks 12th Man continues to grow.

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