Micheal Vick could get transfer to halfway house

Former NFL star Michael Vick could be out of prison and in a
Virginia halfway house by Jan. 20, one of his attorneys told a
 bankruptcy judge Tuesday.

Vick is 13 months into a 23-month prison term in Leavenworth, Kan.,
for bankrolling a dogfighting conspiracy and is scheduled to be
released from federal custody about July 20.

Last month, Vick also pleaded guilty to a state dogfighting
charge, avoiding more prison time. The case's resolution
cleared the way for his early release from prison and possible
transition into a halfway house.

Attorneys for the suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback contend
his long-distance absence has complicated his bankruptcy proceedings
 in Virginia, so they are working to get him moved to the state,
said Michael Blumenthal, one of Vick's bankruptcy attorneys.

Conversely, the bankruptcy case might complicate plans for Vick's

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Frank Santoro ordered that paperwork
must be completed to ensure Vick's appearance at a bankruptcy
hearing set for Jan. 30 in Newport News. That paperwork could
delay the halfway house program, Blumenthal said.

Blumenthal on Tuesday asked Santoro to postpone the hearing by a week,
which would improve the chances of Vick being transferred before his
required appearance in bankruptcy court. Santoro refused.

"Mr. Vick came into this court voluntarily," the judge said. "I am
not going to try to schedule around what may or may not be the
convenience of Mr. Vick."

Santoro also rejected a financial disclosure statement Vick
filed and ordered him to submit a new one by Jan. 5.