Remember That Childhood Nightmare Where The Bad Guy Was Chasing You?

And you could only run in slow motion? I’m sure the 2008 season must seem like that for the guys in the Seahawks locker room.

So many times this season players have enjoyed solid individual performances only to have them over shadowed by a loss.


Take Rocky Bernard for example. How much can one guy do for a team in the same afternoon?  The big defensive tackle from Texas A&M had nine solo tackles and yet there was no joy at Rocky’s locker after the game.
“You really just go out and do what you can do,” said Bernard. “You can’t really control anything else that happens in the game, you just have to go out and try to stop their offense and for the most part we did a pretty decent job of that today.”

It was a good day for the entire defense given Julian Peterson had 10 tackles, and Dion Grant and Lofa Tatupu had nine apiece.

John Carlson had a big catch for a touchdown early in the fourth quarter but without a victory to accompany, it he didn’t feel much like celebrating either.

“It’s a team sport, a team game and ultimately we’re here to win games,” said Carlson. “It’s not going that way for us this year, but we’ll keep fighting and hopefully the product will continue to improve.”

The soft spoken Maurice Morris had 14 carries for 103 yards and caught a touchdown pass yet was unable to smile about it.

“In this locker room the only things that matters is wins and losses,” Morris said. “Today was a loss and no one’s satisfied with that.”

For the fans, and some of the players and coaches, there was the added mixed emotion of losing to former Seahawks quarterback coach, Jim Zorn. The victory gave the Redskins a 7-4 record and kept them in the playoff hunt in the NFC. 

“I feel good about his (Zorn’s) success,” said coach Holmgren after the game, “he’s wired correctly,  a little bit different then I am, but he’s wired correctly. He communicates well and his players are responding. He seems to be the perfect guy for that young quarterback.”

On the short turnaround before Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas the players are looking forward to it.

“I’ve never done it,” said Carlson in regards to playing on Thanksgiving, “I’m excited because we get to go to Dallas and play on Thanksgiving. I’m sure it’ll be a short week, but I’m looking forward to it.”

You would think that kind of positive attitude would be rewarded with a victory. We’ll have to wait and see.