Tribute To The 12th Man

A tribute to all us Faithfull Loyal Seattle Seahawks Fans, We like to call ourselves the “Real 12th Man”, We bleed green folks, we are the loudest and we are the most loyal, just take a look at the games at Quest Field, Never an empty seat and never a complaint.

Unlike our other friends down south who complain that they are the 12th man, all over the media they cry when the team isn’t doing well, just look at the media down there, asking for the Coaches head on a platter.

We Love our Seahawks and would never belittle or bitch when we arent winning,we are proud whatever the circumstance or outcome, we are Seattle Lites Forever!!!!

Okay so what if our season is over, we still are Seahawks fans and we are still the real 12th man.

Yeah i might be partial, but then again this is a Seahawks Blog in case you missed that part when you came here, not to be a sarcastic Ass or anything.

Texas A & M Is not and never will be the 12th man, controversy, ok bring it on, i love a good debate.

Oh by the way since your’e here, Enjoy the 12th Man Tribute Videos-“Rock on Seahawks”!!