Tapp-ing Into A Movie Addiction

Darryl Tapp is a force on the field, but off the field the fierce defensive end is a huge movie collector

We all know that Darryl Tapp has been a staple of the Seahawks’ defense since 2006. We all know how intimidating he is to opposing offenses, how hard he can hit, and how fast he rushes the passer.


And we all know that one of his favorite movies is…Toy Story?

That’s right: the 6’1”, 270-pound defensive end from Virginia Tech loves the animated flick starring Woody the cowboy and Buzz Lightyear the space ranger.

But Tapp is quick to clarify.

Toy Story is my favorite little-kid movie of all time,” he explains. “My favorite movie of all time is Major Payne with Damon Wayans.”

Here’s something you might not know about Tapp: he owns over 500 movies.

“I just enjoy movies,” he says.

It began as a contest between Tapp and his two best friends from home in Chesapeake, Virginia, during high school: how many movies could they acquire? Then it escalated in college, when he spent most of his free time glued to a screen. But after signing a contract in the NFL, his movie addiction reached a new level.

“I’ve been blessed in this situation where I have a little bit of money,” he says, smiling. “I’ve taken full advantage of it! I go get movies every Tuesday from Best Buy!”


Top 5 All-Time
Major Payne
Coming to America
Talladega Nights
The Wood
Top 5 Animated
Toy Story 1 & 2
Beauty and the Beast
Lion King

Tapp’s favorite actor is, hands down, Will Smith, and he loved I Am Legend and Hancock. But when it comes to selecting a genre, there’s no question.

“Comedy. Talledega Nights may be a great everyday-type movie for the rest of time! But I can find some good in every movie. I’ve probably seen, like, three or four bad movies in my lifetime.”

What are a few of those bad movies?

“The one I watched last night: The Strangers. So horrible! And Cloverfield. I disapprove of both of them!”

He recently saw Role Models, and the next film on his must-see list is Quantum of Solace, the newest installment in the James Bond series. But if it were up to him, he’d watch every movie in the comfort of his own home. He doesn’t have a small theater with a 60” flat-screen in his house for nothing!

Most of his movies are on DVD now, which is lucky because his theater doesn’t have a VCR. But a few old movies he’ll never part with might come as a surprise.

Fivel Goes West,” he says, grinning. “And The Rescuers. There’s some old school for you.”

The guy likes his movies, especially his cartoons. As long as he keeps up his aggressive play on the field, he can watch whatever he wants.