An Illustrated Profile of NFL Draft Prospect Vontae Davis

Cornerback Vontae Davis from the University of Illinois is an aggressive, hard-hitting, physical cornerback who always plays hard. At six foot and 205 pounds he has excellent size, and with three years starting under his belt, he has extensive experience for an underclassmen. He is also in incredibly good shape.

Davis, the younger brother of 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, has great instincts on defense and is good at reading and reacting to the offense. He is excellent at supporting the run and holds up well at the point of attack. In pass coverage he has a good backpedal, fluid hips, and the speed to turn and run with just about any receiver. He also has short-range quickness that allows him to close quickly on defenders. And he’s good at baiting quarterbacks into throwing his way because of his ability to close on his opponent.

Davis excels on special teams as a return man and even recorded a couple blocked punts while in college, so he has some added value in that respect.