Arizona Cardinals: Biggest Underdog In Super Bowl History?

2009 NFL Super Bowl 43 (XLIII)

America, we were wrong again.

Many of you may have read my piece I wrote a month ago entitled “Are the Arizona Cardinals The Worst Playoff Team Ever?”

In that, I had a poll asking if the Cardinals were the worst playoff team ever.

Out of 84 votes, 48.8 percent of the participants said yes, the Cardinals were the worst team ever, while 51.2 percent disagreed.

It is pretty amazing—some of the comments I got were:

“The fact of the matter is the Cardinals are out in the first round. They don’t have the defense to keep other teams in check. They will be dominated just like the Patriots did to them today.”

“…what I saw in Foxboro was embarrassing!”

I will be the first person to say that I would have never believed in my life that I would see a Cardinals team in the Super Bowl. I mean, I think we could’ve seen the St. Louis Cardinals in the Super Bowl before we saw the Arizona Cardinals.

But, the Arizona Cardinals, in their past three games, have shown we were all wrong. It must be a very happy day in Cardinal Nation.

This is a Cardinals team that statistically, shouldn’t have even made the playoffs. Without the help of their friendly schedule, they shouldn’t have ever tasted the postseason. Lastly, this Cardinals team has the league’s worst running game.

This is the same team that allowed 56 points to the Jets, 48 points to the Eagles, and 47 points to the Patriots in the regular season. So, how in the world are they getting it done in the playoffs?

Two people have carried the load of the team in the playoffs—quarterback Kurt Warner and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald has 23 catches and 419 yards with three touchdowns in three playoff games. The rest of the Cardinals offense has 38 catches for 351 yards, so it is safe to say that Fitzgerald has carried the offensive passing load very well in the playoffs.

However, Warner has been passing the ball very efficiently. He has only two interceptions in the playoffs and eight touchdowns. He has completed 66 percent of his passes, and with the help of his offensive line, has only been sacked three times.

The unsung hero not mentioned so far has been Arizona’s defense. They have been applying the pressure to the opposition with seven sacks, four forced fumbles, eight interceptions, and only allowed 20 points per game. They have stopped the running game, only allowing 77 yards per game in the playoffs, and until yesterday, they had stopped the passing game completely.

To sum this miracle story up, the Arizona Cardinals are going to walk into Tampa in two weeks with Cinderella’s slipper on their foot. They definitely have the team to win a championship now.

Can you call them pathetic now?