Barkley Says Sexual Rendezous Drove Him To Drive Drunk

It wouldn’t be a Charles Barkley incident without some crazy twists and turns.

Two days after the NBA legend was stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence in Scottsdale, Ariz., a copy of the police report has shed some light on why Barkley ran a stop sign early Wednesday morning.

“I was gonna drive around the corner and get (oral sex),” Barkley told a police officer, according to the official police report. He explained that the girl had performed oral sex on him a week earlier, and it was the best such experience of his life.

Later, Barkley told a civilian Gilbert Police Department employee that he would “tattoo my name on your (butt)” if the employee would get him out of the DUI, according to the police report. Barkley then laughed and corrected himself, saying, “I’ll tattoo your name on my (butt),” before laughing again, according to the report.

Barkley was pulled over at approximately 1:30 a.m. by an officer with a task force that targets drunken driving. Barkley was in Scottsdale’s Old Town area, a trendy spot in the Phoenix area.

“I am disappointed that I put myself in that situation,” Barkley said Wednesday in a statement to The Associated Press. “The Scottsdale police were fantastic. Now it is a legal matter and I will not comment further until it is resolved.”

Barkley was cited and released. His car was impounded and he left in a cab, Shuhandler said. Police described Barkley as cooperative, adding it is customary to release people after an arrest on suspicion of DUI.

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“There was nothing unusual about how he was taken into custody,” Shuhandler said. “He was treated exactly like we treat anybody else.”

In 1997, Barkley was arrested in Orlando, Fla., and charged with hurling a bar patron through a glass window after the man tossed a glass of ice at him. The case was settled after Barkley was fined and performed community service.

Barkley was selected as one the NBA’s 50 greatest players in 1996 and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2006. He played 16 seasons for Philadelphia, Phoenix and Houston and was on the 1992 and 1996 Olympic teams. Barkley was an 11-time NBA All-Star and league MVP in 1993.

He starred at Auburn and last month was inducted into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.