Boise State Broncos Football – A True Blue Collar Team

Boise State Broncos, a division 1-A team since only 1996, continues towards excellence. Coach Chris Petersen accomplishes this goal one game at a time.

Truly the methodology behind BSU’s greatness is simple and it is accomplished by signing athletes with the same mind set: winning.

Of course that philosophy is only as accurate as the individuals are to set their goals and achieve them. Sometimes a little three-letter roadblock, the “NFL” appears, but then again these marvelous individuals are only human, and when planning for the long haul of each player that element needs to be worked in.

Still, the individual processing of players can be most accurate when those doing the processing understand the human element. Coach Pete is a psychology major and that has helped him and his coaches do well in the overall selection of Bronco commitments.

When pondering this year(s) commits and/or those who may yet join, questions come to mind. Exactly who are Boise State Bronco Football players? And what type of athlete becomes a BSU player?

Normally that question would be hard to answer as a football team is comprised of many individuals and individuals are like snowflakes; there are no two alike.

But BSU football players are in many ways very much alike. There is a cohesiveness that seems to come over these young men and they become family

Boise State football players are intelligent strong-minded people with a strong family attitude. Sure there are bigger schools that have more enticing offers, but a Bronco has great peripheral vision.

A Bronco most often can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes athletes come to Boise because they know they will get exposure.

Others come to the blue because it is a dream comes true. Then there are those who step out on the field and they are so overcome it is like love at first sight.

With but one week left before the finalizing of teams (Letter of Intent Day) there are still a lot of uncommitted players.

Four players come to mind that would do well at Boise State, two of the four are Bronco material, even if they are unaware.

Defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe 6-4, 295-pounder originally from the Netherlands who played his senior year of high school in Boise Idaho is truly Bronco material.

Eric Martin passed up a visit to BSU to look over Arizona University. Martin most likely will head to Nebraska.

However, Martin is also a family type and that is why he has chosen to visit Arizona. Martin would make a marvelous Bronco, but we wish him well.

Another is Cerritos (Calif.) College DT Johnny Tivao; Tivao would like to stay in California. However, little does he know that the nucleus of players at Boise State is from California? He would not be homesick in Boise, Idaho.

Saving the best for last is this writer’s choice and hope he signs at Boise State University Tesoro HS athlete Preston King.

King has no offers as of yet and that is disgusting because though he is only 5-10 and near 180 his heart is bigger then that and because he leaves it on the field he accomplishes more at his size then many larger fellows.

At Boise State King could easily play safety? But King is multi-talented and the fruits of his labors are he made the 2008 All-Golden State Football Team as first-string defense.

The newest Bronco commit, Jonathan Brown from Encinal High was awarded second team defense, and that is a huge honor. One of the reasons King made first team is his selflessness and sacrifice.

King says, “Whatever the school needs, I’ll play anywhere to get on the field.” There are many Broncos’ that have the same mindset. Preston King looks like a god fit.

What do you think?

by Lace Banachek

Boise State Broncos Football: A ‘True Blue’ Collar Team | Bleacher Report.