Dallas Cowboys Fans: True, Blue, and Screwed

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

After another disappointing season filled with the traditional finger pointing and drama surrounding the Dallas Cowboys, which the followers of this team have come to know and love, this should be the motto for the Cowboy fans of today. However, I doubt this will catch on.

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys love their team, no doubt about it. Being such true fans, it is our given right to complain and moan about how agonizing it is to follow our team now days.

This is, of course, until next year, when they start playing well again, then all is forgiven until winter when history tells us that the Cowboys will fail once again. Then yes! the complaining will commence.

So, I guess the question this season and every season before is: Who is to blame? Well, most fan’s will and have always laid the blame at the feet of the owner, Jerry Jones. Then again, who can really fight with this argument. He let Jimmy Johnson go!

Yes, true diehard fans will never let Mr. Jones live this one down. Although, I don’t think Mr. Jones really cares; he will just ask the fan’s if we enjoyed the Super Bowl wins that the teams under his leadership have won, and of course we will hang our heads in shame and all together say, “Yes, mighty one, thank you for all you have done for us.”

Which in return will only make us fan’s want to blame him for everything once again. It’s a never-ending cycle. It’s a love-hate relationship.

Then you will have people who will want to blame the coach, Terrell Owens, Tony Romo but really take your pick, the choices are endless this season. Not to mention, you now have Jason Garrett who got turned down for the job in St. Louis, who looks to be returning back to the Cowboys for the next season.

How uncomfortable is that locker room going to be?

Sadly, there is no one on this team who deserves to be blamed more than a group of people who have no official dealings with the Cowboys. This group is us, the fans! Yes I just heard about a million jaws drop over the world, but please let me explain. It is us fans who enable this bad behavior.

Think about it.

We buy game tickets. We spend our hard-earned money on team merchandise. We spend countless hours that we will never gain back on following and arguing what is wrong with this team, and by doing this we are telling the Cowboys organization, that we are ok with how the team is being ran and we will always support them no matter what.

Well, “How do we solve this problem Mr. smarty pants?” you might be asking. To be honest, the only way to do this would be to send out one giant message to the organization: That we will no longer put up with their shenanigans, and to prove this, stop going to the games, stop buying their products, and stop following their everyday actions. However, this will never happen.

Why will this never happen? Because we fans have to have our Cowboys! I said it before and I will say it again, we love this team. We will never stop watching the games. We will never stop buying team gear, and we will never stop following America’s team.

Again, you ask why?

Because for some strange reason when it is all said and done  the Dallas Cowboys fans, as well as fans for all sports teams all over the world, are gluttons for punishment and it is just part of everyday life. As much as we must eat, sleep, and breath to live, we must have our Team!

In closing, the next time you want to complain about the Dallas Cowboys or after they lose a game and swear you will never watch another one. Don’t say another word, go to bed and get some rest, because when you wake up the next day, you will still put on your favorite Dallas Cowboys hat and shirt, you will still follow them on your favorite sports news program and you will always remain True, Blue, and Screwed!