Jeff Jagodzinski potential Seahawks candidate

Jeff Jagodzinski currently has a head-coaching job (that would be Boston College). He’s also a potential candidate for another head-coaching job (that would be the New York Jets).

He could become someone on the Seahawks radar, too, provided two very big ifs occur:

If No. 1: Jagodzinski doesn’t get the Jets job.

If No. 2: Boston College pulled the plug on his employment as his boss is none too pleased with the way Jagodzinski handled the interest from the NFL.

If that happened, he could become a candidate here in Seattle, something that Mathew Heuett of pointed out on Monday.

Mark Blaudschun of the Boston Globe is covering that from the ground-level out in Boston. Here’s his report of Tuesday’s developments:

According to sources familiar with the situation, Jagodzinski has inquired not only about head coaching openings, but is even considering a return to the NFL as an offensive coordinator. One possible landing space could be with the Seattle Seahawks, where new coach Jim Mora Jr. is looking to fill that opening. Mora Jr. and Jagodzinski have a connection with the Atlanta Falcons, where Mora hired Jagodzinski on his staff in 2004.

Update, Tuesday, 5:26 p.m.: It looks like Jagodzinski may in fact be on the way out at Boston College. He has interviewed with the Jets, according to this report from the Newark Star-Ledger. The Boston Globe reported the school isn’t expected to take any action until a face-to-face meeting between the athletic director and Jagodzinski. Here’s a link to that update right here.