Just Released:Michael Crabtree and Jeremy Maclin Will Leave School Early for the NFL

When the NCAA football season ends, the NFL draft really starts heating up — Beanie Wells declared today that he was peacing out on life as a Buckeye and going to collect cash as a pro. Yesterday it was rumored that Sam Bradford would be leaving school early as well. Now, the same people (NFP) that claimed Bradford was gone are reporting that Michael Crabtree and Jeremy Maclin, wide receivers from Texas Tech and Missouri, respectively, will be entering the NFL Draft as well.

Trusted sources close to the National Football Post have just informed me that Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree, Ohio State running back Beanie Wells and Missouri wide receiver Jeremy Maclin all intend to declare for the 2009 NFL Draft in the very near future.

Now, as you can see, they were correct on Beanie Wells bouncing early. Given that information, I’m going to refrain from using a similar (and somewhat sarcastic) analogy to the one I inked yesterday about their Bradford claim.

Instead, I’m going to point out that both Crabtree and Maclin would be expected top 10-15 selections in the NFL Draft, and now is a pretty good time for them to consider becoming financially set for the rest of their lives.

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