NFL Playoffs? Should Be NFL Layoffs

Is it just me or does the mere thought of idolizing a bunch of quasi-athletically gifted ogres bore you to sleep? I mean come on, we’re talking about of a group of obedient minions who mechanically orchestrate routines over and over and over.

Not to mention the fact that half of these giants are on some sort of performance enhancing drug, which has been outlawed by the powers at be.

Since these guys are paid to play this game, it is a job. A reasonable employer would not only want to hire the best employees available but he would, and should, jettison the baggage that is keeping his organization from reigning supreme.

So I say we should layoff every single player NOT using performance enhancers, in an effort to make the game more interesting of course. Imagine flipping to the game on Sunday and seeing some roid-raged linebacker peeling Andy Reid’s mustache off after steamrolling an official.

Now that’s a halftime show!