Seahawks top free agency priorities: 1-3

The Seattle Seahawks had one of if not the unluckiest seasons this year.

The winningest active head coach in NFL history is taking a year off ,and won’t come back the Seahawks organization. They also had the worst year injury wise. They lost all of their six WR at some point in the season, their No. 1 QB, No. 1 DE, and all of their OL ended on the season on the IR. Do you know what that gets you: a 4-12 record and the 4th overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft.

Now, the Seahawks only have two or three key free agents that they really need to deal with. Those being LB Leroy Hill, FB Leonard Weaver and WR Bobby Engram. Now with the NFL salary going up the Seahawks will have around 25 million to spend on the draft and free agency.

Here are my three top priorities for the Seahawks from one to three.

1) Keep LB Leroy Hill by any means, Franchise Tag, or long term deal: He is the most important priority for the Seahawks in FA because the Seahawks LB core is the best and most important part of the Seahawks defense along with Tatupu and Peterson. They led the Seahawks defense in tackles. Hill was also a part of quite possibly the best draft that the ‘Hawks have had in the last 10 years (2005) when they drafted C Chris Spencer, MLB Lofa Tatupu, QB David Greene, LB Leroy Hill, OT Ray Willits, and others.

2) Add a S and a CB (but not big money players): This is a top priority because the Seahawks secondary with the exception of Trufant, Grant, and Wilson there isn’t much talent.

Brian Russell isn’t the “hardest hitting S in the NFL” like Chad Johnson said anymore. Josh Wilson is a solid CB, but not good enough yet to be a No. 2 CB. They could try and target DeAngelo Hall because he would be a low cost high reward type of player. I think he would go great in Casey Bradley and Jim Mora’s defense. Plus, the Atlanta connection is there.

Now for the safety position, they could target a great on and off the field leader in Brian Dawkins. He’s been in Jim Johnson’s defense who is quite possibly other than Monte Kiffin the best DC in NFL history.

3) OL help at C and OT: The Seahawks have a good mix of young and talented but aging offensive lineman. Walter Jones is a sure HoF but is getting older every day and the Seahawks are going to need to add depth on the OL where there is a good amount of great backups that if need would fill in great. They could try and target OT Tra Thomas and a low cost center in Seth McKinney.

This way they fill some holes with out breaking the bank and save most of there cap room for the NFL draft were they would fill the rest of there holes which are WR, DT and talented depth.

Written By: Lars Hanson