Seattle Seahawks' 2009 Mock Draft: Rounds 1 Thru 4


Matthew Stafford Aaron Curry Eugene Monroe
Matthew Stafford Aaron Curry Eugene Monroe

The NFL Combine is near. Some prospect is going to run an amazing 40 and will become the Tennessee Titans’ 1st round draft pick. Some prospect is going to measure in at 3 inches less than expected. And some prospect will be included in the first 2 rounds of my next draft that isn’t even on my radar yet. Man, I love the Combine! However, as always feel free to send your hate mail to me or even make your opinions public by registering on our forums. Don’t worry, I am pretty tough, I can handle the criticism, just don’t bring my dear mother into the argument.

1. Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia
This team is a total mess, and may very well be known as the worst team of all time. The best way to fix it is a complete image makeover, and what better way than with a franchise quarterback. Stafford looks to be competing with Mark Sanchez as the top QB in the draft. The Lions received another first round pick with the Roy Williams’ trade, and look for them to assess the LT, DE, or LB position with that pick. The NFL is a copycat league. If I were the Lions I would copy exactly what the Falcons did last year: take the QB and then the LT. We have done a poll on our site, and the results have been extremely close between Stafford and OT Andre Smith. Critics against Stafford, mention that no quarterback can succeed without an offensive line. I totally agree with that statement, but also agree if you have a need at quarterback and you have a chance to draft a franchise quarterback, you must do it. Solid offensive line can be added later in the draft, but there are not too many quarterbacks that are considered “franchise” worthy.

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2. St. Louis Rams – Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
The Rams made it pretty well known that they wanted Jake Long last year, but instead had to settle with Chris Long. With 4 premier tackles in the draft, look for the Rams to grab one of them. The decision will come down to Andre Smith, Michael Oher, Jason Smith, and Eugene Monroe. Right now, Smith seems be the top OT, but many analysts are projecting him as more of a RT in the NFL. Whoever is the top OT, the Rams are going to have their pick of the litter. All four are considered franchise tackles. With Steve Spagnolo, the new head coach, the Rams could go defensive and draft LB Aaron Curry, but the Rams add to where for so long they have struggled: the offensive line. Monroe went against last year’s first round pick Chris Long throughout his college career at UVA as they were teammates, and projects better than Smith at left tackle.

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3. Kansas City Chiefs – Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest
Probably the hardest pick in the whole first round. I believe if the Chiefs feel that Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford, assuming he is available, is a franchise quarterback the Chiefs must draft him here. If the Chiefs do feel strongly about a quarterback that is available, this should and WILL be the pick. However, if the Chiefs don’t grade the quarterbacks that highly, and believe Tyler Thigpen has “potential” to be the quarterback of the future, then the Chiefs can instead draft the top defensive player in the draft in Curry. Curry would team up with Derrick Johnson to help anchor a defense that got absolutely no pass rush. But, a defense with those two in addition to Glenn Dorsey, and Tamba Hali does show great promise. But more analysis on the QB: Chris Redman showed the similar potential for Atlanta as Thigpen did, and the Falcons still drafted a QB and that decision ended up being brilliant. In a weak year for quarterbacks, teams such as the Chiefs are going to have to draft their quarterback early. So really Scott Pioli and the head coach (Todd Haley or Mike Shanahan) will have to decide this. Andre Smith is also a possibility.

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4. Seattle Seahawks – Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
I think if this 2008 college football season has taught us anything it is that Michael Crabtree is by far the best college football player, an has easily earned himself a top 10 draft pick. At 6-3, 215 lbs, he has the size QB’s dream of. A sure handed receiver, he has shown he is more than just a product of a system. The Seahawks have suffered from so many WR injuries this past season that a WR is needed, and only one deserving of a top 10 pick is Crabtree. OT Andre Smith or Michael Oher are tempting as well with Walter Jones near the end of his career, but Michael Crabtree seems to be at the elite level of Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson, and it is hard to pass on that.

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5. Cleveland Browns – Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
The Browns have many options they could look at, but I think the decision will come down to two defenders: Jenkins and DE/OLB Brian Orakpo. With Orakpo, the Browns would get the perfect 3-4 OLB to complement Kamerion Wimbley, and definitely improve that pass rush that Cleveland struggled with last year. But with Jenkins, the Browns would get the premier CB in the draft and a local star from Ohio State. He is one of the most NFL ready CB prospects in the past 10 years. He combines great size (6-1) with great speed (4.40), something needed for a premier CB. Jenkins would be an upgrade over Brandon McDonald, who should do better at the nickleback.

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6. Cincinnati Bengals – Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
If Carson Palmer is making this pick, then this decision should take less than 5 seconds. Palmer has been banged up because of his struggling offensive line, and to make matters worse is RT Stacy Andrews, the current franchise player, could leave via free agency. This pick should be either OT Smith, Michael Oher or Jason Smith, depending who is available come draft time. The Bengals may consider Chris Wells if he is here, but look for them to try to sign Cedric Benson in the offseason. If Andre Smith is here he is just too good to pass on. He is probably best suited at RT, but that is ok, as I mentioned above the Bengals could lose RT Stacy Andrews. The Bengals could also boost its pass rushing with DE Brian Orakpo, but they have invested a lot of money in DEs Robert Geathers and Antwan Odom, both were mostly injured last season. Marvin Lewis also seemed to be a fan of Rey Maualuga at the Senior Bowl and would love to team him up with past USC teammate Keith Rivers, but if Smith is on the board there is no decision. Remember, it was the Bengals’ offense which finished last in the NFL.

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7. Oakland Raiders – Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
The Raiders really need to bolster their OL and Oher would be the smart choice. But we all know Al Davis isn’t very conventional with his choices and he loves the athletic specimens, so I am going to go in the mindset of Al Davis and say he takes the athletic, playmaking, speed demon Jeremy Maclin. Maclin would give JaMarcus Russell that go to receiver that he has yet to have. Oher would have allowed Kwame Harris to be moved to RT or Oher could come in and start at right guard as he transitions to tackle, but with Al in charge, expect anything. DT B.J. Raji is another possibility

8. Jacksonville Jaguars – Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
David Garrard got beat up last year, mostly due to injuries on the offensive line. LT Khalif Barnes may not be back, and even if he is the Jags could definitely upgrade with Smith who has emerged as almost a for certain top 10 draft pick. Smith actually started his college career as a tight end, which explains his incredible athleticism. The Jags could also look at Michael Oher as they coached him at the Senior Bowl. Another possibility is Rey Maualuga who would instantly replace Mike Peterson. Maualuga is also a USC Trojan, which just so happened to be the same school head coach Jack Del Rio went too. You know Del Rio is a huge fan of his. For now they go with protecting their quarterback.

9. Green Bay Packers – B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College
If you could give a trophy to a player at the end of Senior Bowl week it would have gone to B.J. Raji. Raji, not only solidified himself as the top and premier tackle in the draft, but a top 12 draft pick. With so many teams such as Green Bay and Denver transitioning to a 3-4 defense, Raji’s stock only seems to be rising as so many teams are in demand of a nosetackle to anchor their 3-4 system. Well with the Pack on the clock, they take Raji to do just that. Brian Orakpo is tempting as he would be an ideal OLB, however, for any 3-4 defense to be successful, you need a great nosetackle.

10. San Francisco 49ers – Everette Brown, DE/OLB, Florida St.
Mark Sanchez is still available with the 49ers on the clock, they should definitely grab him! Well, not if Mike Singletary and his new coaching staff has anything to do with it. Singletary is a defensive guy, and he just hired an offensive coordinator that prefers to run the football. And with that in mind, I don’t think the 49ers want to draft a quarterback with only 1 full year of experience when they could add to their defense or offensive line. The 49ers have an option between Brown or Brian Orakpo. I have heard a rumor the 49ers as of now are big fans of Everette Brown. Take it for what it is worth, but for now I say they take Brown.

11. Buffalo Bills – Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas
Many experts have projected Brandon Pettigrew at this slot, but I believe when you have a losing record, I usually recommend drafting other positions in the first round as there will be pretty of talent at the TE position in the next few rounds. Past high first round tight ends have not been the game changers teams thought they were going to be. Take Chase Coffman or Jared Cook in the 2nd round. The Jags could also look at OLB where Angelo Crowell and Keith Ellison are free agents. But, I think Orakpo is too much value here. He is college football’s biggest award winner last season, and the pass rusher the Bills lacked last season. He is also built like a machine. A sleeper pick for here is Brian Cushing who is truly a physical specimen that could also play on the defensive line in certain packages. But for now, the Bills get value in Orakpo.

12. Denver Broncos – Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC
RB Knowshown Moreno would be perfect here, but the Broncos have far more need for its new 3-4 defense. The Broncos’ defense was horrible this past season and now they are looking to be moving to a 3-4. With B.J. Raji and both hybrid DE/OLBs off the board this pick is too easy. Maualuga is the perfect ILB to build their new defense around. My most NFL ready defensive player in the draft, probably also my early favorite for defensive rookie of the year.

13. Washington Redskins – Michael Oher, OT, Ole. Miss.
If one of the four stud offensive tackles are still available, that will be the pick. The Skins have an aging OL and will take the last of the “elite” OTs in the draft in Oher Jon Jansen is near the end of his career, Chris Samuels is coming back from an injury. There are also questions at guard, which Oher can play and may actually start at. Basically if you care about your quarterback Jason Campbell you worry about his protection and draft Oher and that is just what the ‘Skins do. The Skins don’t have a 2nd round pick so look for them to try to move down and get a later 1st round pick in addition to a 2nd round pick. DE Tyson Jackson is tempting as he could also play tackle too.

14. New Orleans Saints – Brian Cushing, OLB, USC
Johnathan Vilma is set to become a free agent creating a void at MLB, but even if he does come back, the Saints could use some help at the two outside linebacker positions, which Cushing looks to be an ideal prospect to play SLB. Cushing could probably play any linebacker position, including some defensive end. William Moore looked to be a solid pick with the Saints need at safety, but with his struggles at the Senior Bowl his stock has certainly dropped. Vontae Davis is also an option, but the Saints already have Tracy Porter, Jason David, and Randall Gay.

15. Houston Texans – Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois
This pick comes down to upgrading either the CB or DE position. On value, I had Vontae Davis higher than Tyson Jackson. Vontae Davis is truly a playmaker at the CB position, and even if free agent Dunta Robinson stays with the Texans, help is still needed at the position. Davis actually could be a better pro than Malcolm Jenkins who will probably be drafted before him. Tyson Jackson or Aaron Maybin are also alternatives as they would be a nice complement to defensive end Mario Williams.

16. San Diego Chargers – Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State

The Chargers draft a RB because there is a good chance either Darren Sproles or LaDainian Tomlinson won’t be back next season. I expect LT to be back next season as a Chargers, but with only Jacob Hester as a backup. The Chargers get the bruising Wells to help carry the load for LT and keep him fresh. A few years ago this pick would have been insane, but so many teams are dependant on multiple running backs that this pick is not so shocking. Jonathan Stewart was drafted last year for Carolina, and DeAngelo Williams ended up having his best season, while Stewart’s season wasn’t too shabby either. Maybe, Wells will rejuvenate LT. ILB James Laurinaitis is a possibility.

17. New York Jets – Mark Sanchez, QB, USC

Brett Favre is now officially retired, again. The Jets don’t seem to have any faith in Kelly Clemens as their future quarterback, so the Jets take their franchise quarterback. This will be a tough move for the Jets as you would expect Rex Ryan to want either James Laurinaitis or Tyson Jackson, who both would immediately help out his 3-4 defense. But, the rule is if you need a franchise quarterback, and he is on the board, you can’t pass him.

18. Chicago Bears – Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn St.
Jeremy Maclin would be perfect here, but he is off the board and I think it is too high for Darrius Heyward-Bey and Percy Harvin is way too similar to Devin Hester. So the Bears go with their second option and get their pass rusher in Maybin. Maybin is an undersized DE, who weighs under 240 lbs, and probably more ideal for a 3-4 defense, but he has the pass rushing skills the Bears have lacked. The Bears have lacked. Declared after his redshirt sophomore season. Has loads of potentials. Hopefully not a one year wonder.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tyson Jackson, DE/DT, LSU
The Bucs could look at QB Josh Freeman, but Jovan Haye is an upcoming free agent and Chris Hovan is no superstar making DT a need. However, the Bucs still need an DE opposite Gaines Adams. With that the Bucs take versatile Tyson Jackson who could play either position for Tampa Bay. (In the 2nd round I have TB taking a DT, so he would play in his more natural DE position). DT Peria Jerry is an option if the Bucs wish to draft a pure tackle.

20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas) – James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State
The Lions took the franchise quarterback with the first pick and now they need to protect him with a franchise LT in Eben Britton. However, Laurinaitis is on the board and desperately need a middle linebacker to team up with Ernie Sims. With the #33 pick, the Lions can find a solid OT. Laurinaitis at #20 is the kind of players the Lions need to build their defense around. I always believe you build your defense around your MLB because he is the heart and sole of your defense. Well, the Lions just got their heart, it is a start.

21. Philadelphia Eagles Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia
The Eagles will look to address their OL, but with Britton off the board they instead go with a running back to take the load off Brian Westbrook. The Eagles could also go after stud TE Brandon Pettigrew, but with Brent Celek’s recent success, the Eagles are able to focus on other needs in the first round. Moreno is a top 15 player that only drops to 21 because of team needs. After last season, so many teams were able to draft their young RB that very few teams are willing to invest a high pick with one this season. Moreno is a fantastic playmaker and would create a lethal combination with the all everything Westbrook.

Minnesota Vikings – Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas St.
The Vikings need a quarterback and unless they can get Matt Cassel or Derek Anderson they may have to seriously consider the draft. At 6-6, Josh Freeman is a true physical specimen and with Tarvaris Jackson hardly showing any chance of ever becoming the franchise quarterback, this pick makes sense. Freeman will probably take a season to develop, but for a team like Minnesota with very few needs they can afford to pick him at #22. The Vikings will also look to improve its OL with Bryant McKinnie’s future with the team always in doubt and many questions at RT in addition to C Matt Birk being a free agent. But with the athletic and amazing Harvin on the board, and with not many needs to fill, the Vikings can afford to take the playmaker. Is it really hard to be a Vikings’ quarterback. Seriously, you hand it off to Adrian Peterson most of the time, and the other time just don’t throw a pick.

23. New England Patriots – Larry English, DE/OLB, Northern Illinois
Projecting what the Patriots will draft is projecting what Paris Hilton will do next. You just never know. LeSean McCoy could be a possibility, but the Pats already have a handful of solid RBs. And yes, I am a fan of Benjarvus-Green. For now though, I am going to focus on defense and draft a true pass rushing OLB in English who had 31.5 career sacks in college. The Pats were desperate last season for linebackers, even bringing back the ageless Junior Seau. If English is off the board, the Pats could look at OLB Clint Sintim.

24. Atlanta Falcons –
Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma St
The Falcons add to to Ryan’s arsenal and draft the top TE in the draft. At 6-6, 260, Pettigrew is that massive target quarterbacks dream of and I like to define as the “safety net.” Pettigrew lacks the speed of an elite TE, but makes it up in being a solid blocking TE, something that QB’s also desire. Pettigrew, by many draft analysts is a top 10 talent, but with not many teams willing or needing to invest in a TE, he drops to #24. DT Peria Jerry is a possibility as he would be an upgrade over Grady Jackson, who I thought was receiving social security, but Pettigrew is too good to pass up.

25. Miami Dolphins – Percy Harvin, WR, Florida
With both Maybin and Sintim off the board, the Dolphins miss on their 3-4 OLB. They could look at Larry English, but with Florida product Percy Harvin still on the board, and a team who loves to use wild offensive formations, this pick looks like a match made in heaven. Davone Bess was a solid receiver last season, but Harvin and Ginn together would provide some serious fireworks and for a quarterback like Chad Pennington who is known for his accuracy rather than his arm strength this is a perfect pick. All Chad has to do is throw screen passes and let Harvin do his stuff.

26 Baltimore Ravens – Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland
I have pegged the Ravens with a WR forever, and with local star Darrius Heyward-Bey available, it makes sense. Mark Clayton seems to be finally blossoming, but Derek Mason is 35 years old. The Ravens actually may have some questions on defense with OLB Terrell Suggs a free agent, in addition to Ray Lewis and Bart Scott. However, the Ravens have spent the past few drafts investing in linebackers and usually never have problems in making them stars. Cam Cameron seems to have a lot of say for the Ravens, so I expect him to get the big receiver. DHB is physically built to be a number one receiver at 6-3, 210 lbs, with sub 4.40 speed.

27. Indianapolis Colts – Peria Jerry, DT, Auburn
The one position that could definitely need improvement for the Colts is DT. They kicked off DT Ed Johnson after a drug possession and tried to trade for John McCargo, but the trade fail through after he failed his physical. Also, DT Quinn Pitcock retired after 1 NFL season. With Peria Jerry still on the board, this would seem to be the obvious pick. Center or guard is another possibility with Alex Mack and Duke Robinson.

28. Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina) – Eben Britton, OT, Arizona

Just like last year, expect a run on OL and prospects drafted higher than expected. Winston Justice has been a disastrous draft pick, Jon Runyan is 34 years old and Tra Thomas is 33 years old. Youth is needed on the line, and Britton is the best OT available and with so much need at the OT position, looks to be able to squeak into the first round. The Eagles could also help their interior and take guard Duke Robinson.

29. New York Giants – Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia

The Giants can go DE, OLB, or DT. Mathias Kiwanuka who moved to DE once Osi Umenyiora got injured could move back to OLB after the season. With Kiwanuka playing so well at DE, I believe the Giants will leave him there for now. This pick should also be pretty easy if Sintim is here. The outside linebacking position is one of the Giants’ few weaknesses. Sintim recorded 11 sacks last season. The Giants have shown interest in WR Hakeem Nicks, but I think #29 is too high for him. With a high second round pick, the Giants can find their WR there. After Sintim and Clay Matthews, the OLB position takes a giant drop in talent.

30. Tennessee Titans –
D.J. Moore, CB, Vanderbilt
The Titans have failed to draft a receiver the past few years, even though they have lacked the playmaking receiver. Justin Gage played well against the Ravens, but he will never be a number one. However, there are no more premier receivers on the board. Hakeem Nicks is a possibility, but he lacks ideal speed and a team like the Titans certainly crave speed. Instead the Titans take the local Vanderbilt product in Moore. Moore at 30 is great value. The Titans seem set on one side of the field with Pro Bowler Cortland Finnegan, but Nick Harper is almost 34 years old and backups Chris Carr and Reynaldo Hill are free agents.

31. Arizona Cardinals – LeSean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh
Hmmm, McCoy is still on the board and the Cardinals needing a RB to complement their power back Tim Hightower, this pick seems pretty obvious to me. Imagine all the holes McCoy should see in the pass happy offense in Arizona. If defenders have to worry about Fitzgerald and Boldin, how do they defend against McCoy? I don’t make the big bucks like defensive coordinators do so I don’t have to answer that question. The Cardinals could also take the safe, but not sexy pick, in center Alex Mack.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers – Max Unger, OL, Oregon
The Steelers have three starting offensive line approaching free agency: Marvel Smith, Max Starks and Chris Kemoeatu. Unger who has the versatility to play all the spots on the offensive line. Unger may be the most interesting prospect in the nation because he can play tackle, center, or guard. Ben Roethlisberger has been banged up a lot this past season year, and an improved line would certainly help. The Steelers could draft a pure tackle in William Beatty or pure guard in Duke Robinson. W

2009 Mock Draft-Round 2

33. Detroit Lions – William Beatty, OT, Connecticut
The Lions passed on an OT with their first 2 picks, now they get their LT to team up with Gosder Cherilus.

34. Kansas City Chiefs – Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech
The Chiefs get their pass rusher in Johnson. At 6-6, with 4.65 speed, Johnson may move up back in round 1 after the Combine.

35. St. Louis Rams – Clay Matthews, OLB, USC
Some say this could be a little high for Matthews, but his stock has recently soared. Should be able to come in and play the SLB position

36. Cleveland Browns – Shonn Greene, RB, Iowa
The Browns find their future RB to replace Jamal Lewis.

37. Seattle Seahawks – Jamon Meredith, OT, South Carolina
Walter Jones may be done, and Meredith is the top OT on the board.

38. Cincinnati Bengals – Alex Mack, C, California
If Mack is on the board, this is an easy choice. Mack is an instant upgrade over Eric Ghiaciuc. Should be a star in the league.

39. Jacksonville Jaguars – Derrick Williams, WR, Penn St.
I have Hakeem Nicks as the next best WR, but the Jags have lacked the speedy/playmaker receiver which Williams is.

40. Oakland Raiders – Duke Robinson, G, Oklahoma
If Oakland passes on Oher in the first, they take another first round quality lineman in guard. Would be a steal at 40.

41. Green Bay Packers – Connor Barwin, DE/OLB, Cincinnati
The Packers got their NT in the first round, now they continue to build their 3-4 defense with a pass rushing specialist in Barwin. Barwin also could be the team’s 3rd TE.

42. Buffalo Bills – Chase Coffman, TE, Missouri
The Bills passed on Pettigrew in the first round, so instead settles for the better receiving TE in Coffman. Coffman lacks Pettigrew’s blocking ability, but is a major receiving threat for defenses.

43. San Francisco 49ers – Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina
The 49ers are seriously interested in a receiver. They are looking at Jeremy Maclin at 10, but with him gone at 10, the 49ers went defense. This round, the 49ers get their receiver.

44. Miami Dolphins (from WAS) – Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest
The Dolphins need to bolster its defensive backfield, and start by getting Smith, who many project going in round 1. OLB would me more of a need, but at 44 I see no value. Paul Kruger is the best DE on the board, but I don’t see him as a fit for the 3-4 defense.

45. New York Giants (from NO) – Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers
Forget Plaxico. Giants get their big receiver in the local Rutgers prospect.

46. Houston Texans – William Moore, S, Missouri
The Texans have lacked that premier safety in its entire history. A few weeks ago, Moore was considered a top 15 pick.

47. New England Patriots (from SD) – Sean Smith, CB/S, Utah
The Pats could booster its CB or S position. The Pats draft Smith who can play both.

48. Denver Broncos – Rashad Johnson, S, Alabama

Before he stayed in school, many projected Taylor Mays to the Broncos. The Broncos need help at the FS position and get the best pure FS in the draft.

49. Chicago Bears – Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio State
Complete opposite of Devin Hester. Not flashy, not too quick, but a great possession receiver. Reminds me of Muhsin Muhammed.

50. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Evander Hood, DT, Missouri
WR is tempting, but Hood is better value. DT is a must and Hood looks to be an ideal DT in the Bucs’ Cover 2 defense. Hood and Tyson Jackson would shore up the Bucs’ defensive line.

51. Dallas Cowboys – Patrick Chung, S, Oregon
The strong safety to eventually replace Roy Williams who is known more for his horse collars than his coverage skills.

52. Philadelphia Eagles – Jared Cook, TE, South Carolina
The Eagles passed on Pettigrew in the first, now they got their tight end with Cook. Cook and Brent Celek would make for a solid receiving TE combo.

53. New York Jets – Darry Beckwith, ILB, LSU
Teaming up with David Harris at 6-2, 240 lbs would create for a monster middle of the Jets’ defense. I see Rex Ryan focusing on making his defense dominant. However, if the Jets sign Ray Lewis or Bart Scott the Jets will look at other positions.

Minnesota Vikings – Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma
The Vikings draft their QB in the first now they look to improve its OL with Bryant McKinnie’s future with the team always in doubt and many questions at RT.

55. Atlanta Falcons – Sen’Derrick Marks, DT, Auburn
The Falcons desperately need help at the DT position. Grady Jackson is on his last legs.

56. Miami Dolphins – Louis Delmas, S, Western Michigan
The Dolphins earlier upgraded its cornerback position with Alphonso Smith, now they booster its safety position with the fast rising Delmas.

57. Baltimore Ravens – Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut
The Ravens’ CB are getting old, besides Fabian Washington. At 57, Butler is great value.

58. New England Patriots – Devin Moore, RB, Wyoming
The Pats can afford to draft any one they want. They take the perfect complement to Laurence Maroney in Moore. Moore looks to run a sub 4.35 40 in the Combine.

59. Carolina Panthers – Paul Kruger, DE, Utah
Questions about Julius Peppers’ future with Carolina still remain. If he goes and Kruger is here, this is the obvious pick. If he is franchised and Kruger is here, this is the obvious pick as he may not be back after next season. Kruger at 59 is a steal and falls this far due to team needs. He looks to be a pure 4-3 DE, and with so many teams moving to a 3-4, his position is not as in demand.

60. New York Giants – Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee
Ayers, the Senior Bowl defensive MVP, is an interesting prospect as he can play DE, DT, and even OLB in a 3-4 system. With Osi Umenyiora coming back from an injury, the Giants will still need depth at DE and Ayers can also fill depth at DT as well. If the Giants want a true DT, they could take Ron Brace or Fili Moala.

61. Indianapolis Colts – Juaquin Iglesias, WR, Oklahoma

Marvin Harrison is not getting any younger, and name 2 other receivers on the team not name Reggie Wayne or Anthony Gonzalez. And Dallas Clark doesn’t count.

62. Tennessee Titans – Ron Brace, DT, Boston College

If Albert Haynesworth leaves via free agency, the Titans are going to need to find someone to replace his big void. Brace is 6-3, 324 lbs.

63. Arizona Cardinals – Jonathan Luigs, C, Arkansas
If the Cards pass on Alex Mack in the first round, they get their center in the 2nd with Luigs. If they take Mack, this pick should be a RB.

64. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jairus Byrd, CB, Oregon
The Steelers could continue to build its OL, but Bryant McFadden is a free agent and DeShea Townsend is 33 years old.

2009 Mock Draft-Round 3

65. Detroit Lions – Victor Harris, CB, Virginia Tech
The Lions just released Leigh Bodden and have very little at the CB position. Harris is a steal here.

66. St. Louis Rams – Michael Hamlin, S, Clemson
It is hard to believe Corey Chavous is still playing. He has a job waiting at ESPN when he calls it quits. Hamlin should push him out a little quicker.

67. Kansas City Chiefs – Troy Kropog, OT, Tulane
After going defense with the first 2 picks, the Chiefs get their tackle to team with Branden Albert.

68. Seattle Seahawks – Derek Pegues, S, Mississippi St.
Should be an immediate upgrade over Brian Russell.

69. Dallas Cowboys – Jarron Gilbert, DE/DT, San Jose St.
Chris Canty may leave via free agency. Gilbert is a fast rising prospect who looks to be a solid prospect for DE in the 3-4.

70. Cincinnati Bengals – Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut
Cedric Benson is a free agent, and after that, the Bengals have really no other running back. Donald Brown is a great value and fills a need.

71. Oakland Raiders – Coye Francies, CB, San Jose St.
The Raiders always seem to love these speedy CBs that come out of nowhere. Francies has past problems. He was kicked off Oregon St and arrested for illegal weapons possessions.

72. Jacksonville Jaguars – Gerald McRath, ILB, Southern Mississippi
Mike Peterson looks to be gone creating a giant void in the middle.

73. Green Bay Packers – Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati
The Packers have two solid CBs, but both are getting up there in age. Mickens was a 1st round prospect before injuries this past season.

74. San Francisco 49ers – James Davis, RB, Clemson
DeShaun Foster looks to be gone and Frank Gore needs another back to help him with the load.

75. Buffalo Bills – Marcus Freeman, OLB, Ohio State
The Bills have 2 free agent OLBs in Angelo Crowell and Keith Ellison.

76. New York Jets – Fili Moala, DE/DT, USC
Before Favre retired, I projected Tyson Jackson to the Jets for the 3-4 DE position. Bypassing him, the Jets finally get their end in Moala who at one time was projected as a top 5 pick.

77. Houston Texans – Brandon Williams, DE, Texas Tech
Mario Williams needs someone opposite him and Brandon Williams may be the guy. He surprised everyone last season with 13 sacks, and surprised everyone when he declared for the draft. Could be a steal, or a total bust.

78. San Diego Chargers – Kriag Urbik, G, Wisconsin
Mike Goff is a free agent and Urbik is NFL ready to start right away at guard.

79. Denver Broncos – Terrence Taylor, DT, Michigan
The Broncos need a NT in their new 3-4 defense.

80. Washington Redskins – Mitch King, DE/DT, Iowa
Will most likely play DE in the NFL. King is just a true grinder. Will be an immediate team favorite. The Skins have lots of questions on their defensive line.

81. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mohamed Massaquoi, WR, Georgia
It is hard to believe the Bucs pass on a WR in the first 2 rounds. If that is indeed the case, round 3 should certainly be a WR.

82. Detroit Lions – Shawn Nelson, TE, Southern Mississippi.
Name the Lions’ starting tight end? Well it could be Shawn Nelson who some project as the 2nd best TE in the draft.

83. Green Bay Packers – Trevor Canfield, G, Cincinnati
Canfield would be perfect in the Packer’s zone blocking scheme. This pick would be the 2nd Bearcat the Packers draft in round 3.84. Chicago Bears – David Bruton, S, Notre Dame
It is only a matter of time until Mike Brown gets injured.

85. Philadelphia – Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly
At 6-6 he is a mammoth of a WR and is worth the risk. Very well could be the next Vincent Jackson.

Minnesota Vikings – Eric Wood, C, Louisville
Matt Birk is a free agent and no Harvard player is available.

87. Miami Dolphins – Cody Brown, DE/OLB, Connecticut
As of now, my favorite draft pick. The Dolphins find their OLB in round 3. Brown at 87 is a steal.

88. Baltimore Ravens – James Casey, TE, Rice
Todd Heap struggled last season and Casey is just such an intriguing prospect I know Cam Cameron would love to utilize him in his offense. Casey was #2 on my top 10 favorite prospects list.

89. New England Patriots – Scott McKillop, ILB, Pittsburgh
The Pats find their complement to Jerod Mayo in the middle. McKillop was #9 on my top 10 favorite prospects list.

90. Atlanta Falcons – Chip Vaughn, S, Wake Forest
It is hard to believe Lawyer Milloy is still playing in the league. Vaughn will eventually replace him at SS.

91. New York Giants – Javon Ringer, RB, Michigan St.
Derrick Ward is probably gone and Ringer would be the 3rd dimension in the Giants rushing attack. Ringer, Jacobs, and Bradshaw; try to stop that.

92. Indianapolis Colts – Alex Magee, DT, Purdue
First Peria Jerry in round 1, now Magee. That is certainly a way to bolster a DT position.

93. Carolina Panthers – Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston St.

Jake Delhomme seems to be at the end of his career and with that the Panthers hoped they found his eventual replacement. Bomar is a gutsy player that could have been a first round pick if he had never gotten in trouble at Oklahoma.

94. Tennessee Titans – Louis Murphy, WR, Florida

The Titans would have preferred the other Florida WR in Harvin, but will settle for the more pure receiver in Murphy.

95. Arizona Cardinals – Herman Johnson, G, LSU
Outside linebacker would be my first priority, but with Johnson still on the board, the Cards take value and add depth to their offensive line. Johnson could eventually replace Lutui. At 6-8, Johnson makes for one intriguing guard.

96. Pittsburgh Steelers – Fenuki Tupou, OT, Oregon
The Steelers drafts Unger in the first round, Byrd in the second, and now take their teammate Tupou. Three straight Oregon Ducks, totally coincidental.

2009 Mock Draft- Round 4

97. Dallas Cowboys – Jason Watkins, OT, Florida
Flozell Adams is getting older and needs a solid backup. Its hard to believe he is ONLY 33.

98. Kansas City Chiefs – Nate Davis, QB, Ball St.
For now Tyler Thigpen is the QB. If the Chiefs bypass a QB in free agency/trade and pass on a QB at #3 they could still find a solid QB in the 4th with Davis. Davis main reason for falling this far is he has a learning disability. Most teams are a little hesitant about a QB who may having trouble reading a playbook. But on film he looked to adapt well, and at 98, there is little risk.

99. St. Louis Rams – Asher Allen, CB, Georgia
The Rams continue to bolster that defense. Don’t forget Justin King, a draft pick last year, is coming back after missing all of last season. So Allen and King will certainly improve the CB position.

100. Cleveland Browns – Tyrone McKenzie, OLB, South Florida
The Browns hope to have their pass rushing OLB. Could move up to the 2nd round.

101. Seattle Seahawks – Andy Levitre, G, Oregon St.
Both starting guards were over 30 years old last year. Levitre is a steal here and he also is a Northwest product.

102. Cincinnati Bengals – Dannell Ellerbe, ILB, Georgia
The Bengals find an ILB to backup Dhani Jones. The last time the Bengals drafted an ILB, it was a player from Georgia: Odell Thurman.

103. Jacksonville Jaguars – Tyronne Green, G, Auburn
The Jags continue to bolster that offensive line especially the interior.

104. Oakland Raiders – Ricky Jean-Francois, DT, LSU
Great talent but some discipline issues, makes him a perfect Raider treasure.

105. Green Bay Packers – Xavier Fulton, OT, Illinois
Both Packers’ OTs are over 30, and Fulton fits perfectly in their zone passing scheme.

106. Buffalo Bills – Antoine Caldwell, C, Alabama
The Bills get their much needed center.

107. San Francisco 49ers – Emanuel Cook, S, South Carolina
The 49ers currently have only 3 safeties on their roster and one of them is Mark Roman. This position will be addressed in the draft.

108. Houston Texans – Rashad Jennings, RB, Liberty
Steve Slaton prove to be a draft day steal. Now, give him a bruiser back to team with.

109. San Diego Chargers – Dorell Scott, DT, Clemson
Jamal Williams is not getting any younger at NT.

110. Denver Broncos – Andre Brown, RB, North Carolina St.
The 4th round seems to be about the time the Broncos take a RB. Brown’s stock has certainly risen.

111. New York Jets – Captain Munnerlyn, CB, South Carolina
Dwight Lowery was a great find last year, now the Jets need depth behind him and Darrelle Revis.

112. New Orleans Saints – Jonathan Casillas, OLB, Wisconsin
The Saints took their SLB in round 1 with Cushing, now they get their WLB with Casillas. Casillas and Cushing may be the fastest 2 OLBs in the draft.

113. Dallas Cowboys – Jarett Dillard, WR, Rice
Even without the T.O situation, the Cowboys could add another WR. Dillard set numerous NCAA records in his illustrious career at Rice.

114. New York Jets – Brandon Gibson, WR, Washington St.
The Jets add a bigger receiver to their receiving corps. Gibson’s successful Senior Bowl week really helped his stock.

115. Chicago Bears – Augustus Parrish, OT, Kent St.
John Tait is not getting any younger.

116. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, QB, West Virginia
White says he wants to play quarterback. That is great, but even if he doesn’t pan out at QB for the Buccaneers he can fill at need at WR.

117. Philadelphia – Sherrod Martin, S, Troy
Brian Dawkins is still a Pro Bowler, but he still is not getting any younger. And if common sense tells us anything, it is always draft a guy from Troy. DeMarcus Ware, Osi Umenyiora, Leodis McKelvin – you can’t go wrong.

Minnesota Vikings – Vance Walker, DT, Georgia Tech
Pat Williams is 36 years old, I think the Vikings should add some depth at DT.

119. Baltimore Ravens – Jason Phillips, ILB, TCU
Ray Lewis and Bart Scott are both free agents, one is probably not coming back.

120. New England Patriots – Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin
Watch Beckum come back from his injury and return to his 2007 self, making the Patriots look like geniuses. We already knew that though.

121. Atlanta Falcons – Zack Follett, OLB, California
Keith Brooking is 33 years old and depth at LB could be added.

122. Miami Dolphins – Courtney Greene, S, Rutgers
Two safeties in one draft? Well Greene is a SS, while Delmas is FS. The Dolphins fixed their safety issue.

123. Indianapolis Colts – Rey Feinga, G, BYU
The Colts are hoping to move Mike Pollack to center, thus is why the Colts draft a guard.

124. Carolina Panthers – Brandon Tate, WR, North Carolina
Was the stud WR before he got injured, giving way to Hakeem Nicks. Could be a steal if he recovers from his injury.

125. New York Giants – Cornelius Ingram, TE, Florida
Looked to be a 2nd round pick before his ACL tear. Kevin Boss and Ingram would make for a solid TE receiving tandem.

126. Tennessee Titans – A.Q. Shipley, C, Penn St.

The Titans need Kevin Mawae’s successor and who is better than the Rimington Trophy winner Shipley. Yes, Shipley beat out Alex Mack for the award. TFE writer is arguing for an East Coast bias.

127. Arizona Cardinals – David Veikune, DE/OLB, Hawaii
People say Veikune reminds them of Travis LaBoy. Both went to Hawaii, both can play DE or OLB and both could be on the Cardinals.

128. Pittsburgh Steelers – Rulon Davis, DE/DT, California
Would be a perfect 3-4 DE for the Steelers. Steelers fans will love him as he also served in Iraq. Hardworking, tough player. Rulon Davis Interview

Just Missed:
Cary Harris, CB, USC
Glenn Coffee, RB, Alabama
Jeremiah Johnson, RB, Oregon
Graham Harrell, QB, Texas Tech
Matt Shaughnessy, DE, Wisconsin
Domonique Johnson, CB, Jackson St.
Frantz Joseph, ILB, Florida Atlantic
Austin Collie, WR, BYU