Seattle Seahawks Fans-Thank The Chicago Bears!

The Chicago Bears have hired Rod Marinelli to be their Defensive Line coach.

Now this is what leads me to my problem with this, it will also help tie in the above photo.

Why would you hire a coach that lead a team to the worst record in the history of the NFL? Well, it looks like it is because Marinelli is a friend of Lovie Smith. Do we see a trend? First Babich and now Marinelli.

Thank the idiots in the front office running the show in Chicago.

Thanks to thier decision of hiring Rod Marinelli, All us faithfull Seahawks fans can be assured of this idiot not coming to Seattle To Destroy our football program already in dissaray.

So from the bottom of my heart,Thank you Jerry Angelo!!!!!!!

Bears GM Jerry Angelo had made a push to get Marinelli as their Defensive Coordinator back in 2004, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would not allow it. The, in his end of the year press conference, Angelo stated this year that he would like to hire Marinelli.

My next question is did Angelo see the Detroit Lions this year? I mean when your D-line consists of Tommie Harris, Alex Brown, and Mark Anderson, its not coaching that is going to better these proven vets.

I know it is NFL policy for teams to interview minorities for coachng vacancies, but when did become policy that you have to hire a friend who is a crappy coach?

The Associated Press reported this as “not a surprise” because Smith and Marinelli are friends. They also use the line “family ties”. I do not care if they are friends! How does that relate to football in any way?

Oh, yeah, here’s the kicker. Marinelli is also the Chicago Bears Assistant Head Coach.

This marks the beginning of a dismal off season for my beloved Bears.
Above is a photo of Rod Marinelli (left) and Lovie Smith (right).