Should Jake Delhomme Be Charged With a P.F.W.I.?

The Birthday boy Jake Delhomme looked like he had just returned from a party with Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Ronson.

He looked like he was “Playing Football While Intoxicated;”  P.F.W.I.

Had Jake “checked out,” before the game?  It had been his birthday, and it was possible he had begun the party early.  He had that glassy-eyed look on his face…the one we can all remember having once or twice in a lifetime…from college, perhaps?…Yesterday at work?…You know the look…

Should we fans demand the NFL perform random alcohol breathalyzer tests on players before the game?  Especially on or around their birthdays?

Let’s face it, what’s really in those bottles they’re drinking?

How, otherwise, could someone play that bad in a big playoff game?

How, otherwise, could someone play that bad in a big playoff game, sober?

The only answer I can come up with is that he was not sober.  It was his birthday on Sunday, and perhaps he figured he would get the party started early.  My guess is he went out Saturday night, got lit up, and probably awoke with a blood-alcohol level that hadn’t quite waned back to zero.

In a bar when someone is completely intoxicated they get tossed by a “bouncer.”

When our quarterback is still buzzing from the night before and threatening the life of the team’s season, we require help.  We need bouncers in the NFL.

Why did they let him stay on the field?  The Panthers may have had a chance to go to the Super Bowl.  A bouncer could have stopped the tragic ending.

Maybe the answer for the Panthers is that they hire an Alcohol Counselor,  sit them all down together, and talk about how one bad apple can destroy the rest or something like that.