Super Bowl '09 Winner: Arizona Cardinals?Yes They Can

The MAJORITY of experts agree: Cardinals will lose to the Eagles and NOT make it to the Super Bowl. Wrong Answer

Already there are talks about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles meeting up in this year’s Super Bowl, and of course making the Baltimore Ravens and the Arizona Cardinals sound if their time is about to run out. 

All week experts have been talking about how great the Eagles are (which they are) and how balanced the Steelers are (which they show it) and how tough the Ravens will be (which they will be) and how the Cardinals will lose (which doesn’t make sense.)

First, I am not a Cardinals fan, or Eagles, Steelers, or Ravens. I analyze situations and past scenarios and come up with conclusions that make sense. Experts saying the Cardinals will lose, doesn’t add up yet, but then again, games change on any given Sunday.

Defense wins championships and you are going to read about that all month long. It will be a defensive team that will win the Super Bowl no doubt about it. But the important point I want to make is how important one defensive category will be. Turnovers, especially interceptions, were a huge part of how the four teams that won made it to this week’s championship round, but what really stood out for three of these teams, were the SACKS.  

Ravens (1 sack) vs Titans (0 Sacks)

Cardinals (2 sacks) vs Panthers (1 sack)

Eagles (0 sacks) vs Giants (0 sacks)

Chargers (1 sacks) vs Steelers (4 sacks)

What happens when the quarterback gets sacked? Does his timing change? Does he have to adjust his pocket presence? Does the O.Coordinator have to come up with a different approach? YES!! Everything changes when sacks start piling up. Every team that had more sacks than the other team, with the exception of Eagles vs Giants, won.

With that said, The Steelers and the Cardinals seem to be the two teams that can have a dominate defense and start making the offense think twice about holding on the ball for too long. Cardinals are already coming in as the underdog, so their defense is going to come in flying.

Eagles didn’t have any sacks last week, which makes me wonder if they are going to pressure Kurt Warner. I am sure Coach Reid will have a blitz plan waiting, but if the Eagles aren’t prepared to think SACKS, they might be in for a shocker. 

So maybe the Cardinals can defeat the Eagles and win the Super Bowl, but in theory I have to go with my prediction: The team with the most sacks will win.