Terrell Owens Out of Dallas?

It is tough to sit through another postseason here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where the Dallas Cowboys are not a part of once again. Yes, I know they were there the last two seasons, but were the really there? I do not believe so. 


There are probably several things forcing the disappointing season the Cowboys had in 2008, and one of those “possible” things is causing rumors and speculation in the local and national media.


Yes, I am talking about Dallas’ beloved Terrell Owens…or T.O. for short. 


He is the same guy that stood on the star in the middle of Texas Stadium…twice…in 2000. 


The same guy Jerry Jones picked up off the streets after his debacle in Philly. 


He is the same guy that supposedly sent Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton to Jason Garrett complaining about Jason Witten and Tony Romo creating “secret” plays, and Witten getting far too much attention during games. 


Yes, that T.O.


The rumor…Dallas will be considering parting ways with its leading receiver for the past three seasons. I have seen headlines stating offensive coordinator Jason Garrett wants Terrell Owens gone for the upcoming 2009 season.


On the other hand, it was reported that Patrick Crayton stated T.O. doesn’t “totally” respect Garrett.


Now, the question is will it happen? Let’s look at some pros and cons of getting rid of Mr. Owens.


Garrett is the hand picked protégé to eventually replace Wade Phillips as head coach. I am not sure Jones will listen to a future head coach of his team, but considering this guy will eventually be leading his team, his input should not be totally dismissed.


We are talking about one of Dallas’ shining stars in which Jerry Jones put a good deal of money into and still has a sizable wad of cash invested in him through 2011. If you go based on that, Dallas will keep Owens for at least one more season and hopefully a Super Bowl ring.


Owens is getting up there in age, even at a rather young 35 years old. Most players his age are either retired or beginning to contemplate retirement. However, Owens feels he can still contribute and help a team get to the Super Bowl.


Then again, even at 30-something, he was able to put up his third consecutive season with 60+ receptions, 1,000+ yards and double-digit touchdowns. Not to mention is ninth season with over 1,000 yards receiving, his eighth with 10+ touchdowns in his 13-year career.


As mentioned early, he has been notorious for being a “problem” in the locker room.  He complains about not getting the ball enough, but what star wide receiver doesn’t, right? If he did send Williams and Crayton to Garrett, this is sure a sign of his future discontent and locker room problems.


Some question how effectively Jason Garrett used Owens during this past season and prior ones. Owens is not a burner per se, he is a guy that works the slants, quick outs, curls and hooks with precision.


After he gets the ball, he makes the yardage due to his big, physical play against cornerbacks and safeties.


Obviously, I could go all day stating why Dallas should keep or get rid of T.O. and so could the Cowboys’ front office.


Honestly, if it was my decision to make at this juncture, I would keep Owens for another season and seriously look at why this issue has even come to the forefront. Owens is a stellar wide receiver and can still play the game.


Seriously, use Owens properly during the game, get past the squabbling, and act like professionals.