What the HELL was Leroy Hill doing in a '1975 Buick Electra?

My qusetion is this, with all the money Hill has why would he be driving in a beat up hooptie 75 Buick Electra.

It must have been the Dope Dealers Loner car since Hill was so fried from smoking so much Mary Jane, Maybe he should have let her drive.

You see im not pissed at all im a little perplexed? If this were Pacman Jones or Some other player already in trouble with the law they would have been fried on the spot and media attention would still be being heard on every major News Paper across the country.

What pisses me off also is that my son Idolizes Leroy Hill with pictures on his wall and it is about all he looks for on the field when the Seahawks are playing on Sunday.

I surely dont want my kids to idolize a person who smokes Marijuana and gets arrested for falling asleep in an intersection!

My Question is this Mr. Hill, What the heck was going through your mind, and is sorry enough for all those Kids, and yes adults who idolize you and look to you as a model football player and citizen of Seattle.

I leave the floor open to you,  i dont hate you but would like a better explanation of what the heck happened that Night, so i dare to ask you->?

You can talk with your agent and ask him if you can post an apoligy letter or a letter of maybe an explanation of what really happened to you that night-

Thats right I ll give you the front page here for any response if any from you for all us Seahawks fans who just maybe want to hear your side of the story.

Maybe you can also speak at my son who still is hurt and in Dismay that the Great Leroy Hill would get caught with Marijuana!

“AS YOU NO doubt know by now, Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill was arrested and charged early Saturday morning with misdemeanor possession after an officer found less than an ounce of marijuana in his car.

The incident happened after 4 a.m. in Lithia Springs, Ga. The motorist behind Hill at a traffic light called 911 and reported that the person in front of her was asleep at the wheel.

Officer Joshua Skinner from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Douglasville, Ga., responded to the call and noticed the smell of marijuana coming from Hill’s car. During a search of Hill’s car, Skinner found two bags of pot. Hill was arrested and released on $1,500 bond.

Further details emerged Monday. Hill was not charged with a DUI because “the deputy’s investigation revealed no impairment to where he needed to give him a sobriety test,” said Stan Copeland, chief deputy of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

I tried to reach Skinner but was told by Copeland that “most officers won’t talk because they’ve been bit in the butt before, talking about a case.”

But I did reach the motorist who called 911. She wanted to remain anonymous and felt bad to hear about what had happened to Hill.

The motorist said she sat behind him in the left-turn lane and waited as the light kept turning green and red, green and red. “It changed multiple times,” she said.

She kept honking but didn’t see any movement and decided to call 911.

“I could’ve driven around him, but I didn’t know if there was something wrong,” she said. “I didn’t want to leave if there was something medically wrong. I didn’t want that to be on my conscience.”

She said Hill eventually woke up and drove off. She speculated that Skinner must have pulled him over off the description of his car.

Hill, 26, was arrested in an Atlanta suburb, about 115 miles from his home in Haddock, Ga. A voice mail to Hill’s cell phone was not returned, but he issued a statement through the Seahawks, apologizing to his family, teammates, fans and the Seahawks’ organization.

“I am embarrassed by the incident Saturday morning and the poor judgment I showed,” Hill said in the statement. “Please understand my actions were not consistent with the type of person I hope to become.””