2009 will be a season of change for the Seattle Seahawks

Mike HolmgrenI ran across an old episode of “Seinfeld” the other night and suddenly realized how many things have changed in our lives since that show went off the air in the late 90s. Very seldom did any of the characters use a lap top or a cell phone. Very seldom did Elaine or Jerry or George order a latte. Kramer probably had a latte machine in his apartment but no one ever saw it.

If you stop to think about the number of changes we have witnessed, enjoyed or endured in the past 20 years you would end up with a very long list.

These days people are facing the anxiety of personal and professional change more than almost any other time in our history.

A wise person once said, “Become a student of change, it is the only thing that will remain constant.”

Easier said than done, but very necessary.

The up coming 2009 Seahawks season will offer a number of changes. More than one third of the coaching staff is new this year and two of the returning coaches from last year are at new positions.

Head coach Jim Mora leads the change parade taking over from Mike Holmgren in early January. Greg Knapp is the new Offensive coordinator, Robert Prince takes over as wide receivers coach, Gus Bradley comes in a defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn is assistant head coach and defensive line coach and Tim Lewis comes in as defensive backs coach.

Every one of those gentlemen is facing a different work situation than they did just a few weeks ago and in most cases have moved their families to a new city. It’s all about change. One either embraces it or becomes a victim of it.

Charles Darwin is the author of one of my favorite quotes on change. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.”

Once the free agent season ends and the NFL draft takes place, more changes will happen. New players will come in and others will leave. What remains constant is the Seahawks commitment to pride, character, excellence and the all important strong fan base.

Changes will come in the way each coach approaches his position, prepares and communicates with his players, embraces his new community. “In times of change learners inherit the earth,” said Eric Hoffer. When he made that comments I bet he didn’t realize he was talking about the Seahawks.