Boise State’s Newest Players-It Feels Good to Officially Be a Bronco

“It feels good to officially be a Bronco.” Those were the words from one of yesterday’s 21 recruits and today’s Boise State Bronco DE Kharyee Marshall from Phoenix, Arizona.

Indeed, all is well in the Gem State, as BSU has just pulled off the greatest signing day in the history of the Bronco football program.

Coach Chris Petersen talked without hesitation, giving the credits for the early, non-wavering commitments of these fine athletes to his coaching staff.

Every single coach involved in the Boise State program was at the signing day party. Most all the coaches spoke. Questions were also taken regarding last year’s phenom Byron Hout, as to whether he was filling a linebacker role or not. The fans can rest assured that Hout will post up at DE this 2009 season.

Truly, players from all over the country yearn to be a Bronco. Another recruit from this fine batch of players, Trevor Peterson, passed on an Ivy League education to come to Boise and play on the “blue.” Peterson is an incredible athlete, and Boise State fans are excited about him.

At the event, this writer was sitting next to a fine group of young men who were knowledgeable of the program as well as the incoming signees.

It appeared that some at the table were BSU graduates, as a few people came over to address them. In conversing the young fellow sitting next to me spoke of reporting for military duty in a couple of days.

This young man was excited about his team and obviously about his country. It was an honor to sit next to him.

Indeed these are the local Gems from the Gem State that support BSU football. Football for Boise State fans is 24/7 365 days a year (Leap Year is not a holiday at BSU).

Putting out articles to grab their attention is a challenge, but an exciting one, to say the least. sports writer Jared Crews wrote, “To say that recruiting isn’t easy would be an understatement. It takes hard work and determination to be successful on the recruiting trail. That’s why the Boise State coaches have to be happy about the incoming class of Broncos. The 2009 class brings more talent, speed, and size to the BSU football program than any class in the history of the program.”

Keith Bhonapha, the new running backs coach, is excited to have the likes of Jeremy Avery in the backfield (even if he did not get to work personally with Ian Johnson).

However, Bhonapha is still in for the treat of his life, as Malcolm Johnson, the Oregon high school phenom, is among the 21 recruits.

Malcolm’s tapes were unreal. He has great vision, and he is extremely fast. That would be the reason that Malcolm Johnson led the State of Oregon two years in a row.

Malcolm Johnson accumulated almost 7,000 yards in his high school career. Malcolm carried the ball 30 to 40 times a game.

When asking Malcolm what he brings to Boise State, he said, “I’m pretty explosive and fast. I’ve gotten better at trusting my speed and accelerating through the hole. I’ve got good balance.”

Linebackers coach Jeff Choate may not be getting Byron Hout, due to his need to join Ryan Winterswyk at DE, but Choate is coaching a fine group of kids that includes super stud Billy Winn.

Choate will not hang his hat on Winn alone, not with another ace coming amongst the 21 signees, John Michael Davis, who like Hout is also a four-star recruit. Davis is not all hype either; his game films were stunning.

One thing for sure is Boise State in 2009 and 2010 is going to be rock solid at “D” and Boise State fans are going to have a lot to get rowdy about.

Graham Watson, an ESPN writer who covers Boise State among many others, said, “Boise State’s success is beyond its years.” She continued, “Boise State has been playing FBS football for just over a decade, but in that time it’s had more success than some programs have had in a century.”

When a team has a successful system and continues to win, frankly there is nothing the media and sports world can do but either root for or against you.

One thing is for sure—the media, etc. will not be able to get rid of or overlook you; you’re not going anywhere, not until another team stops you.

And then there is next year? Go Broncos!

By: Lace Banachek