Boise State Bronco Recruits-The Fans Are Pleased

Boise State Bronco football fans are content with the 21 commitments for this coming season.

The last two footballers to join the commits were Jonathan Brown and Ricky Tjong A Tjoe. Both stars were mentioned in Banachek’s last article, Boise State Broncos Football: A ‘True Blue’ Collar Team.

Prior to this article there was a two-part report that listed the other 19 commits, A Synopsis of the 2009 Boise State Broncos LOI Party: Chapter 1& 2.

Each star was graded and a significant amount of coverage was posted. Of course the Bronco’s cannot have everyone (even if they were Bronco material), but it doesn’t hurt to try.

The bottom line is BSU fans are pleasantly pleased, and what has them pleased is the acquiring of 6 of the Scout.coms top 100 recruits.

The six being Malcolm Johnson, (two years in a row best high school running back in Oregon) the 11th pick, Kirby Moore (Washington State record setting WR; obliterating the former record) 34th, Gabe Linehan, also of Oregon, the 41st (this one does it all), Ricky Tjong A Tjoe (Super star from the Netherlands through Boise Idaho) 51

State pure talent) 60th, and Geraldo Hiwat (Also super star from the Netherlands through Boise Idaho) 78th.

There were no negative responses to the recruit articles, which tells me that the fans were ok with what was said.

Moreover, there were a few comments where the fans seemed to breath a sigh of relief, knowing that the Broncos truly are going to do well this coming (2009) season.

As promised to Bronco fans there was to be a follow up to the articles following the LOI party, which would stipulate who else, may have joined the list of recruits.

Also, if there should be a no-show there will be a breaking news report for all of you (after the party) to keep you all abreast of Bronco news.

We do not expect any commits to retract, so this will be the final commit article.

The only thing the fans were not sharing was their personal hopes of a commit (with the exception of a couple players).

In Boise State Broncos Football: A ‘True Blue’ Collar Team, this writer made mention of four unsigned potentials (at the time).

Tjong A Tjoe a previous hopeful as reported earlier signed to BSU.

Still, there were two mentioned un-signees fairly certain were not coming to Boise State, either because the welcome mat was no longer there (Tivao), or the person was looking elsewhere (Martin).

Yet, Preston King, also an unsigned recruit appeared to have the interest of a few Boise State fans.

In order to get a true feel if the fans leaned toward King as a hopeful commit a poll was added to the article.

According to the poll 83% of 30 voters hoped for King to become a Bronco. BSU fans wish Preston well in his choice(s) and admire his dedication to the game.

The Broncos 21 commits are extremely talented and big time wow-ers. Some of them may be true freshman. These young men are extreme football stars.

These Broncos to be are all winners. They will make Boise State big winners. Enjoy!

by Lace Banachek

Boise State Bronco Recruits: The Fans Are Pleased | Bleacher Report.