How To Deal With Acute Withdrawal from the NFL

It’s Sunday morning. The night sweats returned again last night. I woke up early, ran into the bathroom, sweating profusely,after the nightmares, then vomited for 5 minutes.

I have horrible chills. I don’t want any chips or dip. The thought of sausage and peppers on a roll, makes me feel like there will be nothing to fill the void.

I would like to grill a steak, but what will i do while i eat it?

It’s the Sunday after the Super Bowl and i need a fix bad. The Pro Bowl will be on later, then cold turkey will have me on the run.

There is hope, however. I will go to a meeting where others like myself, can talk, vent their experiences, and frustrations, and somehow find some ,meaning for life once more.

These are the brave folks who take their own valuable time, just to help people. These are the people of the FA.  Football Anonymous.

Find a meeting in your local area. Most of the time, they take place in sports bars. Blank television screens, but fans wearing their game day jerseys,hats, and giant fingers can meet weekly and discuss the teams they love so much.

Here are some valuable tips to help you through this rough time ahead. Read and write about football. Follow your team or all the teams efforts to draft players, and improve the quality of play in the league.

Keep watching re-plays of your favorite games to ease the pain of withdrawal.

Find something fun to do, like a hobby to occupy your Sundays. Many addicts reconnect with their families and loved ones, and find they were missed and are still wanted around the household.

Have some quiet time to reflect and meditate on your problem. Golf is a way many NFL players relax in their off time, so get out there and hit some balls.

Golf is also on television, and it’s hypnotic effect can help you get some much needed nap time on Sunday afternoons.

Try also watching NBA basketball games in the last two minutes of close games. This may get you the adrenaline rush you are missing, during the off season.

Pick one team, and this will give you the thrill of victory, or the agony of defeat. You can ‘t win every time, much like a point spread bet on the NFL.

I could also recommend an NHL game for the hitting and occasional fights that can occur, although the fighting is slowly slipping away from this sport. A high stick or a trip is much like a horse collar tackle, a clothesline, or a clip.

Baseball season will start soon, then you can follow your city’s team and root for those guys until Summer and Fall workouts commence.

Go to a baseball game if you get a chance. It will relax you and people find the crowd noise helps calm your soul. If you go early, you could do a little tailgating and practice your grilling skills for the next football season.

Baseball fans eat even more than football fans , so your tailgate pregame meal will be welcomed. Try not to overdo it, as the action is a bit slower, which gives you more time to eat during the game.

I am going to do some chores around the house today. Some snacks at the store need to be bought, because there is football today. I will try to enjoy the game, watered down as it is from a regular game.

Player’s don’t want to get a career ending injury in a meaningless game, but i think this game is more about excellence during the season, and honoring our great stars from the past couple of seasons.

I will take the AFC to win today, with a good passing attack, and wide receiver play.

Don t expect much running of the ball today, and we will see some trick plays and flea-flickers, I’m sure.

Find a meeting next week of the FA or start a local meeting of your own.

Good luck, and remember God loves football, and you.

Thomas[ NFL Mikee] Moreland