Memo to Tim Ruskell: Take A Good Hard Look At Michael Vick

The Seahawks have a lot of former players/coaches and GM’s from the Atlanta Falcons. Players DE Patrick Kerney and RB T.J Duckett. Coaches, head coach Jim Mora Jr and OC Greg Knapp and current Seahawks GM Tim Ruskell was the Falcons former GM with Mora. There is also one more player that was with all of these players that could help the Seahawks greatly. That player is Michael Vick.

Currently the Seahawks have four QB’s. Matt Hasselbeck, Seneca Wallace, Charlie Frye and Jeff Rowe. Matt Hasselbeck is going to be entering his 11th season in the NFL and is 33 years old so we don’t have to worry about a “Bret Farve” kind of thing going on. Seneca Wallace showed this season that he can lead a team but I’m not sold just yet on a full-season QB. Charlie Frye haha, ya ok, and umm Jeff Rowe is the same way. Both are FA this season and will not be back.

The Seahawks new OC Greg Knapp is a run-first offensive coordinator. And Vick was Mora/Knapp’s QB in Atlanta who led them to the NFC Championship game and also the Seahawks NEED a playmaker on offense. And in this situation the Seahawks could have a win-win-win situation if everything goes right. Here is a perfect scenario for the Hawks that “could” happen. Seahawks trade Matt Hasselbeck (10 million) to either the Bears, Vikings or Jets for there 1st round pick. Then the Seahawks would trade a conditional 4th round pick to the Falcons for Vick. Now here is what would happen with the “conditional” 4th round pick. Just like Farve’s trade. It goes up in round by how much he plays and how far the Seahawks go. It could go all the way to a 1st round pick if they win the Superbowl. But the Seahawks would restructure Vick’s contract. Just like the Cowboys did with Pacman Jones. Give him a six year 36 million dollar deal with none of it guaranteed like Pacman Jones. But by year three if he hasn’t had any run-ins with the law then the rest of the money would be guaranteed and he could then also restructure his contract. That does three great things for the Seahawks. 1) It gives them another 1st round pick to fill another hole via the Hasselbeck trade. 2) it gives both Michael Vick and Jim Mora another shot at a fresh start and a Super Bowl right to boot and 3) It gives the Seahawks one of the best young QB’s and a great playmaker.

Now Vick brings a lot more upside than down side. Plus bringing him into a new team and a new city that isn’t as big as like a New York or a Dallas, cities like that. Both Vick and the Seahawks can fly under the radar because of were Seattle is. Tucked up in the great North West. Plus don’t forget about the money from jersey sales.

Michael Vick deserves another shot in the NFL and he will get it with the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle has the rest of the pieces on offense. Through the draft they can even make it better by adding an OT or WR. Either way it would turn the Seahawks into a top offensive team and a super bowl caliber team.

Make it happen.