New Most Hated SEC Head Coach-Enter Lane Kiffin the Drama Queen

New men joining the SEC Fraternity of Head Coaches are usually a bit reserved when discussing their brethren. Most try and not make enemies of men who can make their lives miserable. Unkind words are blatant shows of disrespect.

Apparently, that is not Lane Kiffin’s style. This weekend punctuated not only his lack of respect for his fellow coaches, but his lack of understanding of college football etiquette, and his blatant stupidity. Yes, Lane Kiffin boldly and publicly showed just how unfit he is to be a head coach in the college ranks and his total lack of intelligence.

In a public statement, with cameras rolling, knowing full well that every word would be scrutinized, he said, “Just so you know, when a recruit’s on another campus, you can’t call a recruit on another campus,” … “I love the fact that Urban had to cheat and still didn’t get him”

Well Mr. Know it All, just so you know, you’re not just stupid, after all. Your statement is just plain wrong. You had no idea what you were talking about. None. Zero. So you’re not just stupid, you’re an an arrogant ass to boot.

You’re a Junior Leaguer trying to bark loudly to get noticed. The fan base of college football is now laughing at your pathetic display of public speaking. You’re stupidity would not allow you to see the embarrassment this would cause to your school.

You just called the the SEC’s premier coach, who has never had an NCAA violation hung around his neck, a cheater.  And you did it in front of cameras.  Every coach in the SEC just took notice and you can expect no quarter in any game this year.

Urban Meyer and his team will beat you by 50 this year if they can. You may face disciplinary action from the SEC, and you could face a lawsuit for defamation of character.

Is this trash talking the message you want to send to the boys you’re trying to mold?  We can all agree that you may indeed break Philip Fulmer’s record—his record of having players in trouble that is. With you as an example, we can expect the “anything goes” attitude that gave Tennessee the reputation of football’s most “run amok” team.  They even named the award “The Fulmer Cup”.

And now Lance Thompson is already following in your footsteps. He’s calling out Nick Saban. I guess he’s all upset that an Alabama prospect he helped recruit wouldn’t follow him to Tennessee.  Lance Thompson, also showing his stupidity said, “Never again will Saban take one of MY boys… Never again.”  Uh Lance, wouldn’t those be Kiffin’s boys?

So what’s next?  Will Tennessee players start calling out opposing players as gay boys or cowards?

Kiffin has proved he’s not ready for prime time before he ever coached his first game in the college ranks. He should wash out as quickly in the SEC as fast as he did in the NFL.  Apparently the acorn CAN fall pretty far from the tree.

by Larry Burton