Peyton Manning throws Broncos QB Jay Cutler into pool in Pro Bowl prank gone bad

In front of Jay Cutler was the clear-blue but chilly-watered swimming pool at the Ihilani resort. The gang of Pro Bowl football players had been gathered around the tables, swapping stories, when suddenly the Broncos’ quarterback had 300-pound Nick Mangold pushing from one side, 310-pound Kris Dielman holding the other and his cellphone swindled into the hands of a coy Peyton Manning. Cutler’s radar had gone up, but he never had a chance. Splash! “We gave him a Pro Bowl baptism,” said Dielman, the star offensive guard of the rival San Diego Chargers. Great fun. Big laughs. There was just one problem. Cutler is a Type 1 diabetic, and in his pocket was his blood-sugar monitor. “That was a prank where I thought we were smart enough to get the cellphone out of his pocket,” Dielman said. “But then, ‘Oops.’ ” The monitor was fried by the chlorinated water. Fortunately, Hawaii has drug stores, and after a few calls here and there, Cutler was well-equipped by lunchtime Wednesday. “It was a bad audible on our part,” Manning said. “I think we were thinking right, trying to get the cellphone. Then we realize, the guy gets insulin shots. We missed that.” — Denver Post