Seahawks Possible 1st Round Pick Crabtree Injures Foot


The best player in the 2009 NFL Draft this year and the Seahawks possible 1stround pick Michael Crabtree had a stress fracture on his foot and it will require surgery. Now he will have surgery on his foot and put a screw in his foot to make it stable. The good thing for Crabtree is that they caught it in the early stage so its not as bad as it sounds.


            For the last two weeks Crabtree has been going back and forth about whether to run the 40 yard dash which is important for teams because a lot of teams want a big physical and breakaway WR.


Today Crabtree announced that he would put off his foot surgery and he would run his 40 yard dash at a private workout on March 26th. Which will give mostly the Seahawks who are the only team in the top five that would select Crabtree unless Matt Millen came back at the Lions GM then they wouldn’t be able to draft him.


               I don’t think this will hurt his draft status. Unless he runs a very poorly in the 40  yard dash and B.J Raji doesn’t do well at the combine or if Walter Jones retires then they wont draft him. But no matter who is the QB for the Seahawks they are going to need more than to players who can catch the football. Meaning John Carlson and Deion Branch. My three players going in order are the only players the Seahawks should look at draft wise for the 1stround pick. 1) Michael Crabtree 2) DT B.J Raji 3) Eugene Monroe