Who Fits Better For The Seahawks: Crabtree or Houshmandzadeh


The Seahawks biggest need is WR. They currently have Deion Branch, Jordan Kent and  Courtney Taylor are the only WR  signed beyond this year. Bobby Engram and Koren Robinson are UFA. The Seahawks hold the 4th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.  We all know the Seahawks will/have to address the WR possition THIS offseason. The question is how and who will it be. The two biggest and best options are Bengals WR T.J Houshmandzadeh (Free agency) and Michael Crabtree (draft).  Here is what each player brings to the field.

Houshmandzadeh: Is a good team player (well he’s on the Bengals so he’s the best team player on the team), good route runner and has great hands (92 catches in 08 and 112 catches in 07). He has pretty good speed and has 8 years NFL experance. 2008 salary was 3.7 million. He would cost about 8-9 million.

Crabtree:  The best player in the NFL draft this season. He compares to Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald which every team in the NFL could use. He’s 21 years old so he’s young at thats important for long term. He has great feet, hands heart for the game. Just look at the UT-Texas Tech game.  He won the Biletnikoff Award both years at Texas Tech.  He had 97 catches, 19 TD’s and 1,165 yards. His freshman year was better than this year.

So now its up to the Hawks. If they sign Houshmandzadeh they wont draft Crabtree. If they dont sign Houshmandzadeh they will most likely draft Crabtree. Now we wait and see.