Did 2 NFL Players Give Up Hope Or Is Nick Schuyler Lying About What Really Happened?


The father of an NFL player who has been missing nearly 2 weeks in the Gulf of Mexico after a boating accident disputes an account of the lone survivor, who said the football player gave up, discarded his life vest and floated away.

I personally believe there is alot more to tell from Nick Schuylers statements,  he has repeatedly changed his story 3 times to different sources within the family and friends.

We can take into account the medias angle sometimes changing stories to fit thier story, but the fact is i dont believe these players gave up hope as he puts it..

I have watched Marquis Cooper since he was at UDUB and his personality does not fit the mold of QUITTER!

His father states the same fact in the video below, he knew his son better than all of us and he also disagrees with Nick’s account of what happened that fatefull day.

What really happened?, we can speculate all kinds of different scenarios but only he knows the truth.

He was found on the aft of the hull hanging onto an outboard motor where only 1 person could stay, did they fight for this position and did he win, did he not do a damn thing and let them drown, it would be very hard to pull him from his perch where he was rescued if others were in the water trying to fight for position.

The fact of the matter is the truth has not come out fully and i believe it is Nick ‘ sole responsibility to let others know the exact truth of what happened.

I do not buy this crap of he might have not known the exact circumstances of what happened due to hypothermia, i live in northern Alaska and it averages 40 below zero here, and yes i have personally fell in the river in Alaska and it was cold as hell.

But remember he gave an account that Will Bleakley stayed with him till Sunday morning then thought he saw land and removed his Life Jacket  and tried to swim, give me a damn break.

Then he now says the NFL Players gave up hope only 2 hours after the boat turned over?

Then in yesterdays report he now says one of the NFL players was throwing punches?

Something bigger than all of us happened out there in the sea, i think Nick Schuyler owes the families of the lost a clear explanation of what really happened,  and ill be standing by to see what really happened out there!!!

Note Bloodied hand(Appear Defensive) under his posterior, also not wounds right ankle?
Note Bloodied hand(Appear Defensive) under his posterior, also wounds right ankle?