Did 2 NFL Players Give Up Hope Or Is Nick Schuyler Lying About What Really Happened?


The father of an NFL player who has been missing nearly 2 weeks in the Gulf of Mexico after a boating accident disputes an account of the lone survivor, who said the football player gave up, discarded his life vest and floated away.

I personally believe there is alot more to tell from Nick Schuylers statements,  he has repeatedly changed his story 3 times to different sources within the family and friends.

We can take into account the medias angle sometimes changing stories to fit thier story, but the fact is i dont believe these players gave up hope as he puts it..

I have watched Marquis Cooper since he was at UDUB and his personality does not fit the mold of QUITTER!

His father states the same fact in the video below, he knew his son better than all of us and he also disagrees with Nick’s account of what happened that fatefull day.

What really happened?, we can speculate all kinds of different scenarios but only he knows the truth.

He was found on the aft of the hull hanging onto an outboard motor where only 1 person could stay, did they fight for this position and did he win, did he not do a damn thing and let them drown, it would be very hard to pull him from his perch where he was rescued if others were in the water trying to fight for position.

The fact of the matter is the truth has not come out fully and i believe it is Nick ‘ sole responsibility to let others know the exact truth of what happened.

I do not buy this crap of he might have not known the exact circumstances of what happened due to hypothermia, i live in northern Alaska and it averages 40 below zero here, and yes i have personally fell in the river in Alaska and it was cold as hell.

But remember he gave an account that Will Bleakley stayed with him till Sunday morning then thought he saw land and removed his Life Jacket  and tried to swim, give me a damn break.

Then he now says the NFL Players gave up hope only 2 hours after the boat turned over?

Then in yesterdays report he now says one of the NFL players was throwing punches?

Something bigger than all of us happened out there in the sea, i think Nick Schuyler owes the families of the lost a clear explanation of what really happened,  and ill be standing by to see what really happened out there!!!

Note Bloodied hand(Appear Defensive) under his posterior, also not wounds right ankle?
Note Bloodied hand(Appear Defensive) under his posterior, also wounds right ankle?


  1. I also believe that Nick is lying. I believe he clung to that propeller and watched the others drown, be overcome by hypothermia or both and that he never lifted a finger to help anyone other than himself. Seeing video of that boat there was nothing else to hold onto. They had the boat's tie-lines attached (hopefully) and they could have used them to tie themselves to the boat and to each other and huddled to keep warm. I can't help feeling they never got close enough to the boat to grab those ropes. It bothers me that MSM calls this guy a hero. He is not a hero-he had something to hold onto. The others did not.

    I also thought Nick seem very composed and almost serene while he was being wheeled into the hospital. He did not appear to me to be someone upset that his friends were lost at sea.

    With all the inconsistencies in his story I do not understand why the authorities aren't demanding the truth from him. At the moment it appears that Nick got away with whatever happened out there. I hope we finally learn the truth about Nick. Until then I can only hope that guilt eats away at him everyday for the rest of his life.

  2. I agree with you Marlene and the writer of this article, We need to know more of what happened out there, just to many damn stories being told by this Guy.
    Now a story you all wrote yesterday says Nick Schuyler is saying one of the Players(Dont know which one) was throwing punches before he gave up.
    Why was he throwing punches? because Nick would not let him on the aft hull of the boat?
    If you all look at some of the photos on the web and the video of his rescue he has alot of open wounds-did the sea cause them, or are they from a fight or scuffle?, has the police investigated this any further than they have already, which is not a damn thing..?
    Something just aint right about this guy.
    Thanks for posting this story it gives me a place i have wanted to vent for over a week!!

  3. Tim, I did not know that Marquis's father had commented further on the accident. What is he saying? Can you point me to some sites that discuss his position on the accident?

    Terrell, I did not see the pictures of Nick's wounds. What site can I view them on?

  4. Yes you might be right but as an ex US Navy Veteran everyone knows maritime laws prevail in the oceans, and it could possibly be murder if he did not provide a reasonable enough effort to help rescue these other men who were in the ocean, or if he provided no assistance at all?

  5. Obviously he is Morally responsible as a human being, and as we thought a friend, to try to save his friend.
    Whether he is legally responsible to save them is another issue, but even if they are not considered mariners, they can still be tried under the jones act or maritime laws, and in my understanding of maritime law you must make a reasonable effort to help or save others in danger where it would not put your own life into danger.
    Till we know the full story we cant speculate what his motives or his intentions truly are!

  6. I wonder if Nick's friends believe his version of the story or do they they know he is lying and are helping him cover it up.

  7. Very interesting article, i am apt to believe that he does have a moral and legal obligation to try to save a victim from drowning, if he did not prosecute his ass!!

  8. Although it is highly unlikely, I keep hoping maybe they will find a body or two and if it is not too decomposed maybe it will yield some clues as to what happened. For all we know he could have shot them or something.

  9. Thanks. Hopefully he will continue to insist there is more to this story. Some friend who would tell the world these guys just gave up and were weak while he was determined to live. I noticed in that video Nick’s friend Scott Miller referred to Corey and Marquis as “the other two”. Nick has not said one positive thing about Corey or Marquis. Reportedly when the only thing he said right after being rescued was that he was cold. He did not ask about his friends.

  10. Tim,
    I don’t think it is murder. Basically it would confirm that Nick behaved like a coward and in his own self-interest rather than trying to help them all survive together. My guess is that he is ashamed to admit it.
    it is not murder if you all fought for position on the boat after it capsized?- or is it??

  11. At first I really believed Nick's changing story due to hypothermia and delusions. But as his story changed and i read different posters all over the net. I really believe Nick Schuyler murdered Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith and there was a fight and one of the NFL players was fighting Will and took him under with him. I dont believe any of the 3 men where ever on the hull of the boat I believe they all died where the boat capsized. I really believe they where shot and I believe the motive was robbery, Since both NFL players where leaving within a week of this tragedy I believe Nick wanted to steal Marquis's Boat and Truck and he felt that he could come up with a story of them being lost at sea and out of grief and not wanting what killed her husband he believed Marquis's wife would just give him the boat and truck which she still may, but his plan went haywire when one of the NFL players didnt go overboard when shot and grabbed Will. I believe Nick had already put his lifevest on. I dont believe they where out as far as people believe and I believe Marquis's father Mr. Bruce Cooper which everyone should have believe about his son that he knew what to do and IF there was bad weather at the time Marquis was already headed back in. I just believe Nick is on drugs and was very Jealous of the NFL players and felt he had to do something before Marquis left Tampa. Mr. Bruce Cooper said Marquis and family already had packed up their things to leave Tampa for Oakland. Whichever way this happen I really believe the other 3 men never had on life vest or never had a chance to get hypothermia because they clinging where never clinging to the boat because they where already dead. The FBI should be investigating this Tragedy at Sea. How could we as a society just believe this one man story when he seems to be suck a shady character over a respected business man like Mr. Bruce Cooper, maybe if we had believe him instead of overlooking him at least Nick would have already been forced to tell the Truth. Its truly sad there are 3 men dead and their deaths need to be investigated. Nick counted on everyone not thinking outside of the norm.

  12. You all are stupid! YOU WEREN'T THERE!!! Nick was there. The wounds were from the propellers and he was happy to be alive and RESCUED. He was grateful. These inconsistencies in his stories are due to him having hypothermia and probably suffering from trauma and shock…

    • So Darlene you are about the dumbest person i ever seen post on this article.
      The facts are facts, read them all before you post a comment of stupidity, propeller?
      Did Nick tell you exactly what happened, okay dummy.
      Facts are facts and foul play played into this scenario out at sea!

  13. So if Cory was the one that kept track of time with a waterproof
    watch, and he was the second to give up, how did Nick know time
    frames? Eg, how long he was alone. Did Cory hand over his watch
    B4 he left? Not likely??? I hate to doubt anyone and I don't believe
    he went fishing with his friends with any bad intentions. I just think
    there's something off. Maybe he didn't think he did enough and is
    building the story up to make himself look better. Maybe I'm a total jerk
    and shouldn't question something like how he had such a good concept
    of time in such a crazy situation long after the man with the watch gave up.

  14. I've never suffered from hypothermia but from the professional medical studies, it can cause people to hallucinate i.e. not think clearly.

    I, for one, cannot imagine myself in that situation – so I won't pass judgement on the survivor. None of us on this forum know for certain what our behavior would be if put in that exact situation.

    It surprises me reading all of these "blame the survivor" comments that have been posted. We should all remember that sometimes tragedy offers us no "suspect" – only tragic events.

    Let's pray for the victim's families – as well as the survivor himself?