Marcus Trufant drove to school last week in Canada

Marcus Trufant drove to school last week in Canada. No he’s not taking classes there but he did take part in an NFL Canada program called, “take a player to school.”

Third grader Alexandria McKinley of Mitchell Elementary School in Richmond B.C. won the contest and chose to have Trufant visit her class.

The Seahawks cornerback picked up Alexandria in a stretch limo and off to school they went. Trufant visited Alexandria’s third grade class and then spoke at a school wide assembly about the importance of nutrition, fitness and education. When it came time for questions one of the students asked Marcus how many Super Bowls he had won. Flashing that famous smile Marcus said, “I came really really close once.”


At the end of the visit Marcus was presented with a personalized number 23 Trufant Hockey Canada jersey, after all he was in hockey country.

“I love doing this kind of stuff,” Marcus told us on his drive back to Washington, “It take me back to when I was young, just having fun and running around. I have as much fun doing this as I think they do.”