Reviving the Seahawks Offense via the 2009 NFL Draft


The Seahawk’s have always had a very explosive offense whether that be through quick slant passes for huge run-after-catch plays or long TD passes, or explosive run plays via Shaun Alexander or Curt Warner way back when. Two years ago the Seahawk’s RB core was nonexistent so Mike Holmgren and the Seahawk’s went to a pass heavy offense and with that Hasselbeck threw for 28 TD’s and earned at trip to the Pro Bowl. In 2006 and 2008 seasons Hasselbeck went down for several games with several injuries. He’s 33 years old and he has two years left on his contract. If you look at the rest of the Seahawk’s quarterbacks there’s not much there. Seneca Wallace has shown he can be a great backup but I wouldn’t count on him for 16 games plus the post season. Charlie Frye is a free agent and has last name matches his play, Fried. The position the Seahawk’s are in for the draft they can revive the offense for this season along with the future. They hold the 4th overall pick, a position he haven’t drafted in since 119 when they had the 3rd overall pick. There positions of need or value in the draft are QB (for the future), RB to add and take out Jones, WR (good young 4th string WR), and S. Here is how the Seahawk’s can revive the offense for next season and the future.

With the 4th overall pick if available (he will be because the Lions need to draft protection for a QB first like Jason Smith) they should draft QB Matt Stafford from the University of Georgia. Now in my mock draft there was a lot of fans mad because I have the Hawks drafting Stafford. I have the Seahawk’s drafting him so that in 1-2 years when Hasselbeck is done for good they will have a smooth transition into a new QB. Also he has two years left on his contact and in those two years Stafford can learn the system and also develop into a NFL QB.  When I look at tape of Stafford he will fit great with the Seahawk’s for many reasons. One, Deion Branch and Nate Burleson will be the two WR’s, Branch being the #2 reviver and Burleson being the slot receiver that will stretch the field going down the side lines for big pass plays along with quick slant routs and sense Stafford has a great arm he can make those throws. New WR T.J Houshmandzadeh is the “over the middle WR” and since Branch and Burleson will be stretching the defense down the field that would leave Houshmandzadeh open over the middle. Don’t forget that they also have a great TE in John Carlson who would be the main option in the red zone and a comfort blanket for Stafford if Branch, Burleson and Houshmandzadeh aren’t open.

Now for the RB “situation”. The Seahawk’s should trade back into the 1st round by trading there 2nd and 3rd round pick to the Bucs for there 1st round pick and then draft Georgia RB Knowshon Moreno. This pick will provide the re-boost next season unlike Stafford. I think he instantly would become the #1 RB. He’s not a breakaway RB but the Seahawk’s don’t need a fast RB. He’s smart and hits the holes from the start.

Now sense the Hawks don’t have a huge need at WR they can wait till the 4th round and draft a WR like Mohamed Massaquo from Georgia. Then a good solid S in the 5th round.

This would give the Seahawk’s a reborn offence and one that has great big play potential both on the ground and through the air. Also having Stafford learn for a year or two and then take over he will already have known the system and what it takes to be a NFL QB.


  1. Hey lars. I'm a huge 12th man and I like reading up on seahawks blogs. I just have a few things on your mock draft. First, seattle just picked up a running back in the 2008 draft, Forsett?, and in my opinion, he was pretty impressive in the preseason. With the power Duckett, who i'm also a huge fan of, there are a number of options to back up Jones.

    Also, I too feel like we should get a young QB in the draft to get ready for the replacement of the aging Hasselbeck, but there is so much talent there in this draft, I feel like we should pick up someone that can help out our defense, like Curry to replace the hole left by Peterson. With our receivers coming back, a veteran QB, an insanely good rookie TE, a deep RB team, and a proven line, I feel very confident about our offense already, and I always feel like the D could be improved.

    That's just what I've been thinking about this season, and I have a feeling that with all the changes, the team can go farther than we ever have before.