Seahawks Mock Draft: Rounds 1-6

matt-stafford2This is the first top ten pick in Seahawks history since 2001 and the first top five pick since 1997 when they had the #3 overall pick and the 6thoverall pick. In 2001 they drafted WR Koren Robinson from North Carolina State with the 9th overall pick. In 1997 they had a great first round when they drafted CB Shawn Springs with the 3rd overall pick and OT Walter Jones with the 6thoverall pick. Walter Jones is still with the Seahawks and is by far there best LT in team history. CB Shawn Springs is no longer with the team but he has a really good Seahawk career. So when the Seahawks have a top 10 or 5 pick in the draft they have had great success. Also even just in the first round in general they have drafted great players like WR Joey Galloway (8th overall), LB Anthony Simmons (15th overall), RB Shaun Alexander (19th overall), G Steve Hutchinson (17th overall)

CB Marcus Trufant (11th overall) and many great 2nd and 3rdround picks. So will the Seahawks find another Walter Jones in the draft or will they find Matt Hasselbecks replacement. Here is what I have the Seahawks doing on draft day.

1st round pick 4th overall: QB Matt Stafford- University of Georgia.

The Seahawks have a good starting QB in Matt Hasselbeck and he has one or maybe two years left in the tank if he stays healthy but no matter what the Seahawks are going to have to find his replacement and I think they have found it in Matt Stafford. Because if what I know will happen on draft day that the Lions will take Jason Baylor #1, Rams will take WR Michael Crabtree #2 and the Chiefs will take LB Aaron Curry #3. Now there isn’t really someone that the Seahawks need cause they don’t need a DT like B.J Raji cause they signed DT Colin Cole and traded for Cory Redding. They don’t need a WR cause they spent a lot on T.J Houshmandzadeh and still have Branch and Burleson. OT they can get in the 2nd or 3rd round. So that leaves QB which isn’t a need but Stafford has the strongest arm in the draft in a long time. He had a great pro day, throwing in the 3,5 and 7 step drop and with the wind he still threw the ball hard and great. Plus if Hasselbeck gets injured this season they can put Stafford in and start a new QB era in Seattle.

2nd round pick: LB James Laurinaitis- Ohio State University

The Seahawks traded LB Julian Peterson to the Detroit Lions for DT Cory Redding which filled a huge need at DT but opened a bigger hole at LB because they don’t have a great replacement for Peterson. They have Tatupu at MLB and Leroy Hill at SLB. James Laurinaitis would fill that void let by Peterson nicely.

3rd round pick: LG Herman Johnson- LSU

The Seahawks have an aging offensive line with Walter Jones and Mike Wahle. They can use some good young life on the OL and they can get that by drafting Herman Johnson from LSU.

4th round pick: OT Fenuki Tupou- Oregon

Same as Johnson and actually Tupou could eventually be the LT of the future unless they draft a LT with the first round pick next season. Still he is a great value pick in the 4thround.

5th round pick: DE Kyle Moore- USC

Moore will add talented depth on the DL and would be a good backup in case of injury.

6th round pick: WR Aaron Kelly- Clemson

Aaron Kelly would add good depth to the Seahawks WR were you don’t know what will happen during the season.

*As usual this mock draft after the first two rounds is subject to change but I wont change the first 2 picks.