The Seahawks Shouldn't, and Will Not Draft an OT with the 4th Overall Pick


A lot of people have said that the Seahawks should draft an OT like Jason Smith from Baylor or Eugene Monroe from Virginia. Honestly there isn’t a reason why they should draft any OT with the 4thoverall pick. They still have future HOF Walter Jones, who people make it out to be that he’s retiring tomorrow but he’s better than any rookie they could but in his place. They also have Sean Locklear who they put a lot of money into last off-season so they aren’t going to draft and OT and put him at RT till Jones retires. Not only that but they just resigned T Ray Willits who they really like and honestly could replace Jones when he retires.

If the Seahawks drafted an OT with the 4thoverall pick your going to give a huge amount of money to someone who is going to basically wait until Jones retires. Now some people can say “o well he can learn from Jones and then take over”. Ok well Ray Willits can do the same exact thing and would come much cheaper than a top rookie tackle.

If the Seahawks wanted to draft an OT of the future to replace Jones the can draft OT Alex Boone from Ohio State in the second or third round and have him learn and it wouldn’t cost as much.

What it will come down to is Stafford vs Aaron Curry. Because we all know that the Seahawks will not be drafting this high for a long time and yes you can say next years draft will be loaded with good QB’s. That being Bradford, Tebow, Snead and McCoy. Well Bradford, Snead and most likely McCoy will be gone before the Seahawks draft next year (I’m guessing they should draft around 25-32, hopefully 32). and they wont be around by then. Tebow doesn’t fit the Seahawks offense at all.

So it makes sense for the Seahawks to draft Stafford with the 4thoverall pick so that he can learn behind Hasselbeck when he’s done which I think will be in 1-2 years. If you ask people in the Seahawks organization or also when Steve Raible on NFL Network said the Seahawks are looking at Stafford for the 4th overall pick along with a few other players. Next year they can draft an OT like Texas’ Adam Ulatoski or BYU’s  Matt Reynolds to replace Jones.