Exlusive Video-Brian Robiskie shows why his stock is on the rise

Ohio State Washington FootballThe story of Brian Robiskie has been recounted numerous times during the draft process. He is Falcons wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie’s son and is the definition of a ’safe’ pick. He is great off the field, a dependable teammate and a highly skilled and fundamentally sound technician at receiver.

These are the reasons Robiskie’s stock is reportedly on the rise and why he will likely be chosen on the draft’s first day.

“The biggest benefit is I know what to expect. If I have a question, I just call him. He knows everything about the process,” said Robiskie.

Due to his Ohio State pedigree and his famous (in NFL circles) last name, Robiskie is a magnet for scouts and reporters. It would be understandable if he grew tired of addressing the same queries over and over again. Instead, Robiskie seems to relish the opportunity to talk with analysts and the media.

Though he acknowledged it’s, “a long process

that can get repetitive,” he repeatedly pointed out how honored he is to have scouts and reporters interested in him and how much a dream it is to play in the league.

‘Safe’ pick can have a double meaning. While you rise in draft status because of your football acumen, it could also carry a dubious connotation. The designation is typically associated with a player that lacks tremendous upside or stunning athleticism.

Robiskie bristles at this suggestion.

“Through this process, people tend to point out the negatives. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I know I can make those (highlight-reel) plays. I know what I’m capable of,” affirmed Robiskie.

And so, apparently, do the Dolphins, Bears, Broncos and Cowboys. Robiskie has worked out with Miami, Chicago and Denver and even did a private session with Dolphins QB Chad Henne. He made an official visit to Dallas on Thursday.

Regardless which team winds up taking him, Robiskie is in a better position than most to make the jump to the NFL. While rookie wideouts often undergo a difficult adjustment period, Robiskie’s life-long exposure to the pro game and his experience working out with former Buckeye receivers Joey Galloway and Anthony Gonzalez in the offseason make him ideally situated to transition smoothly from college to the NFL.