Seahawks First Round Pick: QB Matt Stafford*


Over the last two weeks there have been a lot of people besides my self that think the Seahawks will go with a young signal caller like Stafford or Sanchez. There have been a lot of people saying that if the Hawks draft Stafford it will be a bad pick. There are many reasons why it’s not a bad pick not only for the future but even for next year.


Well let’s start with current “starting” quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. The past two out of three seasons Hasselbeck hasn’t played all 16 games. Not only that but last year he had a lot of problems. He had a back injury that was the main injury but he also had a knee injury. The bulging disk in his back also creating a weakness in his leg that brought on the knee injury. So he went from bad to worse and he didn’t finish the season. He missed nine games in 2008 with the back and knee injury and he missed four games back in 2006. Also he’s going into his 12th season in the NFL. He’ll be 34 years old. The Seahawks haven’t had this high of pick since 1997 and won’t have this high of pick for a long long time. This is the time to draft a great young QB for the future and also next season if necessary.  


The Seahawks took care of their main needs this off-season by signing WR T.J Houshmandzadeh to a five year 40 million dollar contract. Also they signed DT Colin Cole to fill the void left by Rocky Bernard who went to the Giants. Their most controversial move so far this off-season in terms of how the fans reacted was when they traded pro-bowl LB Julian Peterson to the Detroit lions for DT/DE Cory Redding and a fifth round pick. That shored up there two biggest needs, one at WR and two on the defensive line. Their there is just to stay healthy which some can do and some can’t do. Yes they could use a RB to help out in the backfield with Jones and they can draft Donald Brown in the second round, they could also draft a SS in the draft like Michael Hamlin in the fifth round to help out in the secondary.


So that narrows it down to one player and that’s Georgia QB Matt Stafford. There are many reasons why a lot of people including my self have the Seahawks taking Stafford. Those reasons are as follows.


One, the Hawks are the only team in the top five or ten that have the luxury of taking a QB with there first round pick and having him learn behind Hasselbeck for a season. They can do this because they have no glaring needs that haven’t been filled.


Two, who will be next future starting QB when Hasselbeck is done which will be in 1-2 years. The answer is no one unless they draft Stafford who, by then will know the system and it will be a seamless transition just like how the Seahawks named Mora the next HC last season so that they wouldn’t have to go look for a new one this season and have a harder time with the transition. They can’t wait till next season because they won’t pick high enough to draft a QB like Sam Bradford who will go in the top five, or Jevan Snead and Colt McCoy who will go in the top 15. The Hawks will be back into the playoffs had probably further so they will be drafting between 25-32.


Three, Stafford is the best player that will be available when the Seahawks pick at four. I have Smith going number one, Monroe going number two and Aaron Curry going three. So that leaves Stafford as the best fit for Seattle. Also I have Stafford over Sanchez because I don’t like one-year-wonders like Sanchez.


Four, Stafford is a better fit the Sanchez because he fits better in the West Coast offence than Sanchez. If you look at Stafford on tape he looks a lot like Hasselbeck in the he makes smart decisions with the football, unlike Sanchez who usually throws to the first target. Also the strong arm helps him a lot because the Seahawks have Nate Burleson and Deion Branch who can stretch the field and Staffordcan make those throws with ease and then Houshmandzadeh is the kind of WR who goes across the field and can make any catch because he has such great hands.


Fifth and finally the Seahawks don’t need Stafford to be NFL ready right now because no one who comes out in the draft is NFL ready. Matt Ryan had a good rookie season but it took him a while to get into a rhythm, Michael Turner did most of the work. Now people around the league have said that Stafford can play this year and do well. So if Hasselbeck went down again they can put in Stafford and still be good. Also he won’t have any problems because he has a lot of great targets around him and a great defense. 


The only team that COULD draft him is Detroit so that’s why I put only one *. I don’t think Detroit should draft a QB first overall is because they need someone to block him and then they can draft a QB like Josh Freedman with their other first round pick.