The Seahawks Choose Wake Forests Aaron Curry With The 4th Pick Round 1

aaron-curry-gametimeDont i wish, well i got you here didn’t i, Lol.

The Draft does not start for another 3 hours,, but i can still dream a little dream.

Although the Hawks are very deep at linebacker, i think Curry can come in as a Hybrid rushing linebacker in his first year, to solely rush the QB.

Hell the kid is a playmaker, and after watching hours of film on this kid, i’m sold at his dedication to the game.

Jason Smith, Eugene Monroe, Mark Sanchez, the Seahawks have a very good opportunity to catch a very good prospect early in the Draft, and it does not matter because ill be cheering them come game day regardless of who they choose, although i have my picks already set out, i still think it has come down to a crap shoot as of the last 3 years.

I believe this to be the first year in the last 10 years of drafts that there is not a number 1 consensus pick to go first, but that theory changed last night when the Lions signed Stafford as the first pick, Damn Journalists!

I would have preffered to hear them pick the 1st pick of the Draft and be surprised, then already knowing which direction they are already going!