Who will the Seattle Seahawks take at the No. 4 Spot in the Draft?

michael-crabtree1Seattle might take with the No. 4 overall pick, grading each player and offering an NFL comparison for each individual (Players rated on a 5-point basis, with 5 the highest)

WR MICHAEL CRABTREE, 6-1, 217, Texas Tech

Character, 3: Maturity could be an issue.

Talent, 5: He might be the most physically blessed player in this draft.

Durability, 4: Has fractured left foot but expects to be ready for training camp.

Pro-readiness, 5: He comes from a spread offense, so route-running a concern.

Intangibles, 5: He has playmaking ability and star appeal that can sell tickets.

NFL comparison: Anquan Boldin, Arizona Cardinals

LB AARON CURRY, 6-2, 254, Wake Forest

Character, 5: He is a selfless kid, exactly what you’re trying to build your locker room around.

Talent, 5: Off the charts. Has all the athletic ability you’re looking for.

Durability, 5: Played in 38 games in college and never missed a game because of injury.

Pro-readiness, 5: Perhaps the most pro-ready defensive player in the draft.

Intangiles, 5: Will make an immediate impact, and perhaps the safest pick in the draft.

NFL comparison: Derrick Brooks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

OL EUGENE MONROE, 6-5, 309, Virginia

Character, 4: Has a willingness to play different positions; never voted a team captain.

Talent, 5: Some question whether he will be a great left tackle in the mold of Walter Jones.

Durability, 3: Had a knee injury discovered at the NFL scouting combine.

Pro-readiness, 5: Played in a pro-style offense at Virginia.

Intangibles, 4: Does he have he fire in his belly to compete at the next level?

NFL comparison: hris Samuels, Washington Redskins


Character, 4: A natural leader, but teams need to make sure they do their homework.

Talent, 5: Has a good feel for the game and thrives in big games.

Durability, 3: Could be an issue; rarely hit in college.

Pro-readiness, 4: Only had 16 starts in college.

Character, 5: Comes from a blue-collar family and wants to be a spokesman for his Hispanic culture.

NFL comparison: Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle Seahawks

OL JASON SMITH, 6-5, 309, Baylor

Character, 5: The anti-Andre Smith.

Talent, 5: A converted TE, Smith has rare athletic ability for a tackle.

Durability, 4: Missed a few games in college, but no red flags there.

Pro-readiness, 4: Played solely out of a two-point stance in college in spread offense. Can he play in a 3-point stance at the next level?

Intangibles, 5: Plays with a nasty, aggressive attitude on the field – confident.

NFL comparison: Ryan Clady, Denver Broncos


  1. I appreciate the comparison of Crabtree to Boldin. I'm so sick of hearing him compared to Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson when his style of play mimmicks Boldin's so precisely. For a while I felt like the only one in the world who could see it. Boldin is a much better comparison than the others.

    I also like the Monroe/Samuels comparison and the Smith/Clady comparison. They're pretty well right on.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the Curry/Brooks comparison though. I have a tough time coorelating Curry with anyone in the league though, the guy is just so talented. Maybe Julian Peterson before all his old injuries? Hmmmmmm….

  2. Even if Curry falls to 4 I doubt he will be the pick. Based on what the 4th pick got last year, we would then have approximately 1/6 of our payroll tied up in 3 LB. Thats a pretty poor use of funds considering 1 of 3 LB generally only plays 60% of the defensive snaps. Its probably the real reason we traded Peterson to begin with, so placing ourselves right back in the same predicament doesnt make a whole lot of sense. If we do take Curry, anticipate Leroy Hill being traded as well.

  3. Yeah But lets be honest, if you want an instant impact player on the roster who can come in right after training camp and make an immediate impact out on the field, then Curry definitely is the only player i can see in the first round who can do that for sure.
    All the others appear topsy turvy in thier careers, and he is a definite impact player!

  4. Maclin, Wells or Moreno would have an instant impact, but you can't draft solely for that, as talent and value doesn't always match up to the price tag. Just my humble opinion.

  5. And a good opinion it is, But i personally think after Leroy Hills failure in the off season(Pot smoking, passed out at the wheel)incident, then he has the audacity to hold out after getting tagged?
    Well maybe something will happen in the draft, i just really like Currys ethics on and off the field, although i dont believe the Hawks will get him!

  6. My guess Also, It is a good presumption, and a presumption is all it is, Take it for what it is worth, Offensive Tackle to protect our aging QB, then we can step up the passing game behind our receivers, And i personally think Deion Branche's Last 4 games of the year were Pro Bowl Caliber!!