Who will the Seattle Seahawks take at the No. 4 Spot in the Draft?

michael-crabtree1Seattle might take with the No. 4 overall pick, grading each player and offering an NFL comparison for each individual (Players rated on a 5-point basis, with 5 the highest)

WR MICHAEL CRABTREE, 6-1, 217, Texas Tech

Character, 3: Maturity could be an issue.

Talent, 5: He might be the most physically blessed player in this draft.

Durability, 4: Has fractured left foot but expects to be ready for training camp.

Pro-readiness, 5: He comes from a spread offense, so route-running a concern.

Intangibles, 5: He has playmaking ability and star appeal that can sell tickets.

NFL comparison: Anquan Boldin, Arizona Cardinals

LB AARON CURRY, 6-2, 254, Wake Forest

Character, 5: He is a selfless kid, exactly what you’re trying to build your locker room around.

Talent, 5: Off the charts. Has all the athletic ability you’re looking for.

Durability, 5: Played in 38 games in college and never missed a game because of injury.

Pro-readiness, 5: Perhaps the most pro-ready defensive player in the draft.

Intangiles, 5: Will make an immediate impact, and perhaps the safest pick in the draft.

NFL comparison: Derrick Brooks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

OL EUGENE MONROE, 6-5, 309, Virginia

Character, 4: Has a willingness to play different positions; never voted a team captain.

Talent, 5: Some question whether he will be a great left tackle in the mold of Walter Jones.

Durability, 3: Had a knee injury discovered at the NFL scouting combine.

Pro-readiness, 5: Played in a pro-style offense at Virginia.

Intangibles, 4: Does he have he fire in his belly to compete at the next level?

NFL comparison: hris Samuels, Washington Redskins


Character, 4: A natural leader, but teams need to make sure they do their homework.

Talent, 5: Has a good feel for the game and thrives in big games.

Durability, 3: Could be an issue; rarely hit in college.

Pro-readiness, 4: Only had 16 starts in college.

Character, 5: Comes from a blue-collar family and wants to be a spokesman for his Hispanic culture.

NFL comparison: Matt Hasselbeck, Seattle Seahawks

OL JASON SMITH, 6-5, 309, Baylor

Character, 5: The anti-Andre Smith.

Talent, 5: A converted TE, Smith has rare athletic ability for a tackle.

Durability, 4: Missed a few games in college, but no red flags there.

Pro-readiness, 4: Played solely out of a two-point stance in college in spread offense. Can he play in a 3-point stance at the next level?

Intangibles, 5: Plays with a nasty, aggressive attitude on the field – confident.

NFL comparison: Ryan Clady, Denver Broncos