Cleveland Browns don’t offer QB Graham Harrell a contract

graham-harrellThe Browns’ coaching staff was impressed with former Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell, but the team didn’t offer him a contract after his tryout at rookie minicamp, Harrell’s agent told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

However, Browns coach Eric Mangini left the door open for Harrell to be a part of the team sometime down the road:

“If it doesn’t happen this weekend, things can definitely happen in the next couple weeks, next couple months,” Mangini said. “I’ve been a part of that in New York where maybe someone gets banged up or whatever the reason, and one of these kids that didn’t get a contract here this weekend, ends up coming back in and getting that next opportunity. That will be my message to the guys that we don’t offer, to stay ready. We don’t know when we’ll be calling but if we do, make sure they come in an maximize that opportunity.”

How this affects Mangini’s relationship with Texas Tech coach Mike Leach remains to be seen. Leach was critical of Mangini for passing on Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree in the draft and was outspoken about all teams skipping Harrell.