Job recession to have major impact on the NFL this upcoming season.


There is nothing more exciting than watching NFL football live as it happens in front of our eyes, the atmosphere is irreplaceable.

Just ask the fans in attendance that saw Adrian Peterson run for a record 296 yards against the Chargers or the crowd that watched Tom Brady throw his 50th TD pass breaking the all time mark previously set by Peyton Manning.

Unfortunately those and others will have to experience these great moments from their living room, with U.S  job cuts passing the one million mark for the first time since 2005.

It’s obvious that sports events might not be part of the budget anymore.  Employers have cut 5.1 million jobs since the recession began in December 2007. The 4.3 million people collecting unemployment is the most since 1974. The Labor Department said earlier this month that companies cut a net 663,000 jobs in March, sending the unemployment rate to 8.5%, it’s highest in 25 years.  How in the world can anyone afford to go to NFL football games?

Average Cost Of NFL Tickets

31 Arizona $40 10.4%
27 Atlanta $44 26.2%
20 Baltimore $53 0.0%
32 Buffalo $37 0.0%
22 Carolina $50 18.8%
6 Chicago $66 0.9%
21 Cincinnati $52 10.3%
26 Cleveland $46 0.0%
19 Dallas $53 0.0%
10 Denver $61 6.8%
14 Detroit $57 5.0%
17 Green Bay $54 0.0%
15 Houston $56 9.8%
18 Indianapolis $54 14.7%
30 Jacksonville $41 0.0%
3 Kansas City $67 15.2%
23 Miami $49 4.4%
9 Minnesota $62 4.5%
4 N.Y. Giants $67 8.1%
5 N.Y. Jets $66 6.7%
1 New England $75 0.0%
29 New Orleans $42 -3.4%
12 Oakland $59 0.0%
8 Philadelphia $62 0.0%
16 Pittsburgh $55 0.0%
24 San Diego $47 0.0%
7 San Francisco $64 10.3%
28 Seattle $43 -0.8%
13 St. Louis $58 5.3%
11 Tampa Bay $59 6.5%
25 Tennessee $46 5.6%
2 Washington $68 0.1%

The average cost of NFL Tickets has increased as much as 26.2%.  New England tops the list at $75 for an average ticket price, followed by Washington at $68, and Kansas City at $67. With Buffalo being the least expensive at $37.

Sporting events may take a back seat with the world economy going through the most severe crisis in generations.  The average cost of attending an NFL Game for a family of four is $330. That includes four average-price tickets, four small soft drinks, two small beers, four hot dogs, two game programs, parking, and gas costs.  The smart alternative for the average NFL fan would be to watch the game in the comfort of our own living room.

Season ticket sales are down drastically. For the first time since 2006 the Cincinnati Bengals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are offering season tickets to the general public. Other teams have also been forced to take that approach. Most teams are experiencing a drop in season ticket sales from the previous years. It has forced teams to include incentives and bonuses to lure previous season holders to renew.  Some teams have gone as far as leaving phone messages from their players thanking them for renewing.  “Around the league, there’s no question we are feeling the effects (of the economy) like a lot of other teams” stated Joel Glazer, the son of Bucs’ owner Malcolm Glazer.

This year, you’ll find yourself settling to watch your favourite team on the couch or in a packed sports bar.


  1. Great article Tom, And a hearty welcome to Seahawk Nation!

    It is very unfortunate that many families who have made it a family tradition to attend NFL Games might have to put it on the backburner till the economy can get a little stronger.

    I feel very fortunate as i am a season ticket holder with the Seahawks, and thier prices are very fair according to your charts Tom, thanks again for some very good information and a subject we can all feel the pinch from.

  2. I hope few NFL owners read this article and don't forget about the family guy. I love football, but I won't get the chance to go to a game this year or next.

  3. Thanks Seahawk, Tank for reading the article!
    You guys are right, it is very unfortunate that the average football fan can't enjoy the action live.
    Hopefully in the future, teams will cut ticket prices, so that we can all afford to attend sports events.

  4. I totally agree, with this recession going on alot of families will be very dissapointed in knowing how much the prices are for NFL tickets.
    Families and diehard fans, (which make the teams sales happen) are the backbone of team survival.
    When they raise ticket prices it affects all of us, especially in our pocket books where it hurts the most.
    They need to remember it is the fans who keep a franchise rolling in the right direction, if they could just remember without us their really is no team at all, without us there are no fans to buy all the team gear, the list can go on and on.
    I just hope NFL owners are listening to us their number 1 means of revenue in the NFL!!!

  5. Seeing that my career is unable to start because of the construction slow down which happened to occur 3-4 months before I finished school.

    I may not be watching the game(s) from the living room due to having to sell my TV, but at a local bar, provided the bars do not close down from lack of revenue by the start of the season.