Aaron Curry Was definitely worth the #4 Pick in the 1st Round

seahawks-rookiesI will mostly be reffering to our weekly radio show on Blog Talk Radio called the Seahawks Weekly Blitz.

I host the show along with co-host Shaun Dolence of 12th Man Rising.

This past Saturday we had a guest Mr. Football, Vincent Turner on the show.

Mr. Turner continually tried to persuade us into saying we had picked the wrong person in the 1st round of the 2009 NFL Draft. Me and Shaun continually let Mr Football know we feel the Seahawk’s had not made a mistake whatsoever. he continued to let us know that Mark Sanchez or Brian Orakpo should have been our pick.

First off let’s take a look at Mark Sanchez. he is only a first year starter at the QB position and has had a spotty career at best Off the field. This negative mark takes him completely off the Tim Ruskell list of the type of guy he likes to draft. Tim Ruskell prefers to draft players with a sense of dignity on and off the field.

With the incident happening with the Statutory Rape in the Sanchez case, he was off our radar long ago, also Seahawk’s staffers believe Hasselbeck will be healthy this coming season and has at least 2 more productive seasons left in him. Also this Draft class at the QB position is very shallow this year, where as next year’s draft has many high profile QB coming out of very successful programs.

I personally like Sam Bradford And Colt McCoy out of Texas. but drafting a 1 year starter out of College to sit for the next 2 or 3 years behind Hasselbeck was just not feasible for the Seahawk’s organization, or a chance we could take on a possible bust,  remember we have 2 first round draft pick in the 2010 NFL Draft!

I disagree with alot of people in the NFL and sports Blog sites,  i think Sanchez will be a bust in the NFL! That’s right folks you heard it here first, Mark Sanchez will fall flat on his face in the NFL!

As for Brian Orakpo, well i have nothing against the guy i just think a guy who has played Hybrid Defensive end and outside linebacker at the college level will have more to learn than an Aaron Curry will. Orakpo is a very good player with many skills and skill Set’s, But? he has a tendency to not have a work ethic during the season, i think he parties to much and has a wider learning curve than most players coming into his position at the NFL level(Defensive End & Linebacker).

Orakpo’s Weaknesses: Lack of instincts, can read the run, but then hesitates to pursue, also he could use better hands against the run, also my biggest concern is can he drop back into coverage in a 3-4 as a linebacker???


Aaron Curry has elite size and strength…solid timed speed in the low 4.6 range…very solid production in his last 3 seasons at Wake Forest… Great Instincts; does not hesitate or second guess the development of the play…Playmaker who makes clutch tackles on third down and jars the ball loose…Is a threat to rush the Quarterback…Works through the trash to get to the ball carrier…Aggressive…Rarely Misses tackles…Textbook usage with his hands…Very strong at the point of attack…Takes sound, consistent angles to the football…Willing to take on a block…Extreme versatility to play 4-3 SAM and #-4 ILB, But can also occasionally play 3-4 OLB…Team Leader… Leads by example!!  Curry reminds me alot of Takeo Spikes.

So i stand firmly by my decision,  that yes, The Seattle Seahawk’s made the very best choice this year in the 1st round of the draft when selecting Aaron Curry!

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