Deon Butler is going to impress people in the NFL this season!

deon-butlerWhen we left the Seahawks minicamp on May 2nd we couldn’t stop talking about Aaron Curry but the most impressive was Deon Butler.

All the way back to Whidbey Island we found ourselves into very deep discussions about the newest 3rd round receiver from Penn State, he was so impressive at the Seahawks minicamp that small groups of not only reporters but even Seahawks players gathered and no doubt discussed the Speed they just witnessed from this young gun.

let’s put it like this, you hear alot about 4.3 40 speed, but it’s totally different when you see it on the field in game-time or in person, this kid can run and I’m so sure he will be successful in the NFL, I’m willing to bet my house on it!

He reminds me of and much faster Bobby Engram and that’s not because of age on Bobby’s part, or to take anything away from him, but this kid can run very precise routes and get their much quicker than the average receiver in the NFL, he also has very soft hands and good vision during the play.

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You thought John Carlson was good in his Rookie season, just wait till the season starts and Deon Butler get’s a chance to shine and show everyone just what he’s made of.

I absolutely agree with Tim Ruskell giving up the 5th & 7th round pick’s and next years #3 pick to the Eagles to move up and get Deon Butler in the 3rd round.

Before, when the Seahawks were talking about having four wide receivers they could really count on, they were including (TE John) Carlson in that group along with (Deion) Branch, (Nate) Burleson, and T.J. (Houshmandzadeh),”. “Butler gives them four pure wideouts, provided Branch is healthy. With the team planning on throwing the ball more downfield, he will definitely see action in three- and four-WR sets.” We hear the team is also thinking about using Butler on punt returns in order to get his speed on the field as much as possible.

All i have to say is let’s “GO SEAHAWKS!