Houshmandzadeh's guarantee gives Seahawk fans hope


As the season draws closer, players make guarantees that usually get the fans of their teams excited for the upcoming season. Making a guarantee in the past seemed to be a ritual in almost every other football city except for Seattle, where the players and coaches flew under the radar and went about doing business as usual. That was the case until Seahawk receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh recently made the mother of all guarantees.

For those of you who have been living under a rock (I am not literally saying you all live under rocks)  Houshmandzadeh recently said or should I say guaranteed  in an interview (and I am paraphrasing) that the Seahawks with his and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck’s help will make the playoffs, and that both will make the Pro Bowl as a tandem. He also added that he and Hasselbeck will both put up top 5 reciever and quarterback numbers.  Here are my thoughts on “The Guarantee”:

After a 4-12 season, Seahawk fans like myself are looking for something to get excited about for the upcoming season, as if the addition of a non vanilla defensive coordinator wasn’t enough.  Like most guarantees this one was aimed at pumping up the fans, but I feel that  Houshmandzadeh may have done more than that. By making such a wild guarantee,he  in my opinion gave the fans hope for the upcoming season, a reason to believe if you will, and God knows we Seahawk fans need something to get us excited for this upcoming season after the way things ended last year.

In the Mike Holmgren era statements like the one Houshmandzadeh made were very rare and almost non-existent. Don’t get me wrong Holmgren was a good coach one of the best, but a statement like this shows that the Seahawks are a changed team and are not as afraid to speak their minds as they were under Holmgren. Again I am not discounting the success that Holmgren brought to the Seahawks I am just saying that there appears to be much more excitement and swagger so far under Jim Mora.  

It’s funny, I usually get mad at players from other teams for making guarantees like this one but call it a double standard if you want but I am not mad at  Houshmandzadeh at all  for making this bold and brash statement. A guarantee like this one doesn’t come out of nowhere, there must be something that the players are seeing in their mini camps that they think will translate into training camp and the regular season.

Anytime a statement  like this is made fans get excited and hopeful that things will turn out the way they have been guaranteed. For his sake Houshmandzadeh better hope and pray that his bold prediction comes true.