Justice could clearly see when Michael Vick committed an unholy trinity of sins


From the beginning, justice could clearly see when Michael Vick committed an unholy trinity of sins.

His first was the brutal treatment of man’s most beloved best friend. Secondly, was his blatant lying to both his owner Arthur Blank and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Lastly, his financial support of an illegal gambling operation across state lines violated the Federal Rico statues which brought the federal authorities down on Vick and cost him 23 months in a Federal Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kan.

Now that Vick has paid his debt for committing the latter sin, justice appears to be peeling off her blind fold and setting her sights on further retribution. As emotions run deep, it seems as though prison and bankruptcy is not enough of a price to pay. So many are wanting more than a mere pound of flesh. Animal rights groups are painting signs and organizing to protest any team who is willing to sign Vick. Members of the media are encouraging Commissioner Goodell to strip Vick of even more time away from the game with a lengthy suspension.

The scales of justice are clearly unbalanced when Vick loses two seasons or more, but the Patriots received no suspensions at all for videotaping the Jets’ defensive signals in 2007.

Blind fold back on please. In this case, justice has been served.

To this i say what the hell is going on with Dante Stallworth, he kills another Human being yet this dumb ass says Mike Vick comitted the unholiest of sins against mans best friend?
What a crock, what about man himself Mr. Soloman Wilcots??????