Remember Children It's okay to kill a person, but never bet on a dogfight?

dstallworthts2_600I want all of you children in America to remember the great American way, if you have money you can definitely buy your way our of trouble!

As a matter of fact when you break the law children, do what is right and confess your guilt and you will be treated fairly by the great justice system of America, drunk driving can’t be to bad of a law to break.

I only drink once in awhile, and when i drive after drinking i make sure to go straight home, as a matter of fact i think i can drive much better when i’ve had a few to drink.

But please children remember that the great axis of evil is the lowlife people in America who take advantage of our poor animals and make them fight each other to the DEATH.

Then they have the audacity to make betting wagers on which dog will live, how dare them!

Oh how i can’t stand the Michael Vick’s of this world who make a mockery of not only our justice system, but the cruelty they subject man’s best friend to…

What in the hell is going on here folks, since when is a human life less important than a dog’s life, are we comparing Apples to Oranges, Your really stupid if you think so.

It is all the stupid tree huggers and Pita A-Holes that make you want to believe this is the truth with what Michael Vick did, but we as conscious Americans need to think a little more about what is really wrong and what is wrong, that’s right you heard it here first, double negatives in one single sentence.

And if you are smart enough to read this article, then just maybe you have a free mind of your own!!!!!

Let’s face the truth, Donte Stallworth Bought his way out of jail, if you buy into the Bullshit that the family just wanted to end all of this, then your as stupid as all the rest who think what Michael Vick did, was worse than what Donte Stallworth Did.

The family ended this for 2 $ Million Reasons i can think of!!


  1. His sentence is an absolute farce.. there is no other way to describe it.. every single day in this country people are sentenced for dui's, and every single day there are people who get more time for a "basic" dui than stallworth did.. i love football, and i was hoping stallworth would get a favorable outcome.. but this.. completely ridiculous.. i don't want to hear about him cooperating, that he flashed his lights, that the pedestrian wasn't in a crosswalk, or anything like that.. the facts are that he was legally drunk.. and the lawmakers determine that you can't make decisions quite as well when you are legally drunk so they set these blood alcohol levels at certain limits.. the reality is that the man who is dead wouldn't be on an occasion exactly the same if stallworth were not drunk!..

  2. My brother who got his second DWI in the State of Washington had to serve 2 months in the King County Jail.
    That being said", it is an absolute joke that because a person was Cooperative flashed his lights, and please don't forget, is an NFL star, has millions of dollars, gets this ridiculously light of a sentence!
    We make his crime bearable while Michael Vick The Gambler and bankroller of Illegal Dogfighting, The Pariah of the NFL.
    What have we come to in this world where a Human life is worth less than a Dog's?
    Great Article Tim!