The Bobby Engram Celebrity Softball Game!


The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the stars were out in full force on Saturday at Bobby Engram’s 2nd Annual Celebrity Softball Game. The day started with an autograph session that included many current Seahawks, including Seneca Wallace, Deon Butler and Daryl Tapp, as well as many former Seahawks as well, such as the host Bobby Engram, Leonard Weaver and Gibran Hamdan. There were also players from other teams present, including the man thought to have the cushiest job in all the NFL, Jim Sorgi (Peyton Manning’s backup) and Saints punter Glenn Pakulak, who set out to prove that punters are athletes too!

The sausages and beer gave this softball game a major league feel and the crowd and participants were in for some major league fun! The Home Run Derby then kicked off and included several moon shots that entirely left the building (go ahead, try clearing a 20 foot fence 330 feet out with a softball, I dare you). Participants included the aforementioned players as well as Lofa Tatupu, Kevin Burleson and many more! The winners were Saints punter Glenn Pakulak, Eagles RB Leonard Weaver and Hawks players Lofa Tatupu and Daryl Tapp in this team based power hitting competition.

Then came the game itself, full of laughs and plenty of big time celebrations, which is realistically why any of us watch sports. Some of the highlights included a bomb bashed by the host, Bobby Engram in the 1st, Saints punter Glenn Pakulak throwing a base runner out at 1st…… From left field and Bobby’s son as a designated base runner for KISW’s Double R, who found softball to be a man’s sport and has the pulled quad to prove it (on a side note, “Lil Easy,” as he was known, can really fly- I think we might be looking at a 2020 1st Rounder folks).

If you’re someone who loves life, laughter and an inexpensive good time, we urge you to take a look at this event for next season. The tickets were reasonably priced, starting at only 10 bucks, and the perks were many. We also would like to thank Bobby for coming on our radio show, The Seahawks Weekly Blitz. We hope to see all of you out there next year!