The Redskins might be a logical pick to pursue Michael Vick except

michael-vickThe Redskins might be a logical pick to pursue Michael Vick except for one problem: They don’t want him.

According to multiple league sources, the Redskins briefly discussed signing the ex-Falcons quarterback and came to a quick and unanimous conclusion. It would not work here. It’s a message league sources say has been consistent since January.

Vick is in house confinement until July 20 — and one league source said he’s struggling to find time to work out, especially in a way to prepare for an NFL season. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell still has not said if Vick will receive further punishment. The former Virginia Tech star served 19 months in prison for his role in running a dogfighting ring.

Atlanta still owns his rights, but it’s expected the Falcons eventually will release him. If there are any suitors, they’re keeping it a secret.
But it’s clear that Washington won’t be one of them. Those who expected the Redskins to pursue Vick pointed to owner Dan Snyder’s penchant for chasing big names, most of which happened earlier in his tenure as owner. Not to mention that the Redskins pursued quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez this offseason in an effort to replace starter Jason Campbell.

But the reasons for not wanting Vick are simple, starting with location. Playing so close to the seat of political power in the country would potentially make Vick, and the team, a constant target for pickets and demonstrations. One league source said he thought another team, far from the world of intense political lobbying, would be better suited for handling Vick than the Redskins. The source said this issue alone was enough to end Washington’s interest.

There’s also the question of where a team would play Vick, who shares the same agent as Campbell (Joel Segal). Do they see him as a backup quarterback, knowing he would be unable to learn a system so late in camp; or as just a wildcat quarterback, who plays around 10-15 snaps a game? Or would he be moved to receiver? That creates problems when trying to determine who you cut to sign Vick.

But that will be someone else’s problem and not the Redskins.