Enough Already: Make up your mind Mr. Favre

brett favre snow day in green bayThe annual Favre summer time soap opera is getting old and the BS needs to end. After 7 years of the same old crap it’s time for Favre to refresh the storyline a little bit, surprise the audience and actually do what he says he is going to do and retire from the NFL.

If you have been hiding under a rock for a while then you should consider yourself lucky. Things are still the same: The media is still covering the hell out of Michael Jackson, Brett Favre is still as indecisive as ever and Barrack Obama continues to screw this country up, but back to Farve.
If you were hiding under a rock, then you missed retirement and unretirement #1 from Mr. Indecisive himself, Brett Favre. Retirement #2 happened shortly after a failed comeback attempt with the New York Jets or as they were known The New York Brett’s. Now it appears as if Brett Favre is ready to start unretirement #2, this time coming back with the Minnesota Vikings.
If Favre wants to come back then he should be allowed to come back but enough of this “I’m retired oh wait I want to come back now” stuff. If you really want to come back Mr. Favre then do it but don’t make a huge media circus out of it, just come back gracefully and quit hogging the spotlight with your stupid BS. I realize I wrote the word gracefully in that last sentence, I should add that it is impossible for Favre to do anything gracefully nowadays. Favre to me is without question a legendary quarterback and was a great player in football’s past but he has worn out his welcome in the NFL. He is past his prime and needs to get out of the game.
Favre in my opinion is only planning on coming back with the Vikings because he wants revenge on the Packers for allegedly mistreating him. The Packers didn’t do anything to you Mr. Favre, you held them hostage for seven years, they moved on and established their starting quarterback (Aaron Rodgers), you pulled your “Oh I want to come back now” antics and the Packers responded the only way they knew how, by trading you to the Jets.
If anyone mistreated anyone it was you mistreating the Packers, Mr. Indecisive. Seeking revenge is not a good reason to return to the game. If every retired player wanted revenge against their former team then things would get very chaotic in the NFL. Those who claim that Favre is coming back because he loves the game of football are fooling themselves.
Favre may have love for the game but he is planning to get revenge on the Packers with this latest comeback plain and simple, anyone who can’t see that is blind. Beware of a slow news day, you never know when Mr. Indecisive will rear his ugly attention seeking head.