It's Official, Michael Vick Reinstated To Play In The NFL

michael-vickWell folks it has finally come down from Roger Goodell, He has fully reinstated Michael Vick To train in camp and to start playing in game 6 of the regular season, below is a quote of the letter Roger Goodell sent to Michael Vick-

Following are excerpts from Goodell’s letter to Vick informing him of the decision:

  • “Among the conditions of this reinstatement, you are required to abide by the terms of the supervised release that were imposed on you by the court, which include not committing any further crime, limits on who you may associate with, prohibitions regarding drug and alcohol use, possession of a firearm or other dangerous weapon, and forbidding you to own, possess or be involved with the sale of any dog.”
  • “Apart from these conditions, you have submitted to me a written plan concerning your proposed living arrangements, how you will manage your financial affairs, counseling and mentoring plans, and your proposed work with the Humane Society and other groups. You have committed to me that you intend to abide by this plan, and as I said when we met, you are accountable for doing so.”
  • “I am also encouraged by your recognition that you cannot do this yourself, and that outside mentors and continued counseling will provide you with valuable support and assistance. After discussing possible mentors with you, I have asked Coach Tony Dungy to continue his work with you and to initiate a more formal mentoring relationship with you. Earlier today, we discussed in detail with Coach Dungy the precise nature of that relationship, and I share your view that Coach Dungy can help you in many ways as you rebuild your life and resume your career. I will stay in close touch with Coach Dungy and his views will be part of my decision concerning whether and when you return to play. I encourage you and Coach Dungy to select other mentors and advisors who can help in other phases of your life.”
  • “In deciding whether to reinstate a player, I have stressed my belief that playing in the NFL is a privilege. It is not an entitlement. Everyone fortunate enough to be part of the league is held to a standard of conduct higher than that generally expected in society and is correspondingly accountable when that standard of conduct is not met. I have also endorsed an approach under which players who have been suspended for a significant amount of time, as you have been, may through a series of steps demonstrate that they have addressed their prior problems, that they can make good decisions, and that they conduct themselves in a way that is lawful, responsible, and consistent with NFL values.”
  • “As I emphasized to you when we met, as I have said in other cases, it is actions that count. I accept that you are sincere when you say that you want to, and will, turn your life around and that you intend to be a positive role model for others. I am prepared to offer you that opportunity. Whether you succeed is entirely in your hands.”
  • “Needless to say, your margin for error is extremely limited. I urge you to take full advantage of the resources available to support you and to dedicate yourself to rebuilding your life and your career. If you do this, the NFL will support you.”


  1. Being one of many in this country who was appalled by the
    actions of Mr. Vick I am somewhat encouraged by the conditions
    set forth by Mr. Goodell. Mr. Vick is in a position to be in
    the forefront of change regarding the underground popularity of
    such an inhumane activity. Is a portion of his future income slotted for contributing to the awareness
    of the devastation caused by persons who participate in this
    behavior? Is he going to do any kind of awareness education
    directed towards our youth to change their attitudes before
    they consider this a "cool" thing to engage in? I feel that
    this is where change can begin to take root and have a lasting effect for generations to come. Maybe some day the reputation of this beautiful animal (pitbulls and related breeds) will be redeemed to the status it once held. So I say with all sincerity good luck in your future to turn your life around and do the right thing. I for one will be watching and waiting to see you put your notoriety and money to good use.
    Peace to all Deborah

  2. I'm just an ordinary citizen who happens to love dogs currently I own a pit bull and he is the love of my life (next to my husband). I have thinking about ways
    to change peoples attitudes about dog fighting or how to bring
    it into the light so people can see the devastation it causes.
    Not only the damage and pain caused to the animals involved but the message that is sent to the young of the persons that partake in this violent act. They are perpetuating this
    callous attitude towards other living things into another generation. If anyone else out there is thinking the same way together with
    the help of Mr. Vick if he indeed wants redemption with substance. He is in the position to be a spokes person
    for the movement to educate people. With the help of the Humane Society. They know all too well the destruction that dog fighting creates, and the hundreds of dogs that are falling victim to this that have to be euthanized because they know no other way to be. Including the dogs that loose their lives because they are used as bait to train the bigger stronger dogs. This activity is destructive on so many levels. I for one would be on board to begin a program in my state that is represented and supported by Mr. Vick in conjunction with our local no kill shelters. Peace And Love
    once again Deborah

  3. I'm am extremely upset that Mr.Vick did more damage in the US than Pete Rose. More pain than my heart can handle for those poor dogs. My grandkids and family will not be watching football this year or buying tickets to the games. He has yet spoke out and try to make amends to the public, feels to late now he really has a violent inner-self to do the damage he has done to those dogs who feel all the pain endored to them from Mr. Vick. He needs major help for his mind and have feelings, he needs to have a heart. NFL are kids hero's would you want Mr. Vick hanging on your grandchilds wall? Not in this house.