Seahawks Ken Lucas brings Experience and size back to Secondary

ken lucasAfter the worst season i can remember in recent years for the Defense, bringing Ken Lucas back in to the Seahawk’s organization will make a remarkable difference to the secondary. A secondary that was beaten very badly in just about every loss last season leading up to the Seahawk’s record of 4-12.

I believe Colin Cole and Cory Redding will bring the size needed on first and second down to stuff the run, and if a pass play arises, a pass rush which was basically non-existent last year, will be much better.

Patrick Kerney needs to stay healthy, as much as other key players on the Seahawks  to improve over last years record.

But Ken Lucas is the biggest reason the Seahawks will fair well against the pass against opposing teams, his size and experience can not be discounted in a league that has gone to the pass 26% more than 10 years ago.

Offenses spread it out more and air it out more, and the bigger Ken Lucas can guard the Anquan Boldin’s and Larry Fitzgerald’s of the NFL.

Ken Lucas has shown in his career that he is a physical player that can keep up with the best in the NFL!

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Anquan Boldin: 13 catches for 186 yards. Wes Welker: 12 catches for 134 yards. Larry Fitzgerald: 10 catches for 151 yards, and five for 130 and two touchdowns.

You get the picture, just connect the dots between those numbers and it creates a representation of why the Seahawks re-signed veteran cornerback Ken Lucas in free agency.

The Seahawks decided to get bigger at the starting cornerback spot opposite Marcus Trufant.

Head Coach Jim Mora didn’t defer to the traditional NFL diplomacy despite the presence of former first-round draft choice Kelly Jennings and second-round selection Josh Wilson – who shared the right side last season.

“Kenny has a pretty impressive body of work in this league and you know what, we’re not going to play games. We’re going to put him in there,” Mora said after Lucas rejoined the team in late April.

“In there” – at right cornerback with the No. 1 defense – is where Lucas found himself during his first minicamp practice with his old team.

Lucas has three things the Wilson/Jennings combination lacks. At 6-foot, Lucas is at least three inches taller than Wilson. At 205 pounds, he is at least 25 pounds heavier than Jennings. And, Lucas also has more experience, having the started the past four seasons for the Carolina Panthers after playing his first four seasons with the Seahawks.

Another advantage: With Lucas in the mix, Wilson’s play in the spring minicamps showed that he isn’t planning to settle for the nickel back role without a fight.

But the Seahawks decision to re-sign Lucas had more to do with the need for another bigger corner than any dissatisfaction with the way Wilson played last season.

“It baffled me,” Lucas said of the Seahawks giving up more yardage and big plays last season. “Because they were so good two years ago. For them to drop off like they did last year, it’s kind of confusing because they had pretty much the same defense.

“Injuries and mistakes here and there will cause that to happen. It’s all about confidence and chemistry, and hopefully we’ll get that back.”